Lena's Spice Box

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Elevate your cooking style to a whole new level when you use these savory spices in your kitchen! Locally sourced in the heart of Ohio Amish Country, these spices can always be found in the pantry of Lena's own kitchen at home. Each spice has its own flavor and use, and all are completely irresistible. Lena's spices arrive labeled with all ingredients in a six ounce container packaged in a handsome handmade wooden box engraved with the Farmhouse Frocks logo on the lid. 

Spices include:

Lena's Signature Steak Seasoning - Lena sprinkles a pinch of this seasoning on everything she cooks in her own kitchen! 

Citrus Fish Seasoning - Great for fish and seafood dishes.

Hamburger Seasoning - Lena’s husband Allen loves this spice on his hamburgers, pork and meatloaf!

Monterey Steak Seasoning - Great for prime rib, briskets and flank steaks.

Ranch Dressing Seasoning - Sprinkle a pinch of this on your popcorn or sweet corn or mix in with sour cream for a savory veggie dip!

Greek Seasoning - Great for rice, pasta, lamb, pork and steak.


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