Farmhouse Frocks Blue Light Blocker Glasses

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Glide on a pair of the Farmhouse Frocks Blue Light Blocker Glasses for instant protection from the long hours spent looking at your computer and phone screen lights. Made to alleviate the strain put on your eyes from long exposure to blue light, these glasses also heighten any look and bring a sophistication and comfort to your everyday style. All purchases are final for these non-prescription, clear lens glasses.


Why choose us?


Our mission here at Farmhouse Frocks is to bring forth the beauty of women and the kind of elegant beauty that can only come from the flowing farmhouse style. My two daughters and I create with Amish seamstresses in the heart of Amish Country, Ohio to bring forth quality handmade clothing for all sizes. That's why we, Farmhouse Frocks, have created clothing that fits comfortably and looks fabulous. Farmhouse Frocks is a place to feel beautiful.