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Opening of Millersburg, OH

 Farmhouse Frocks weaves gratitude and faith into our clothing, and we believe in every woman’s worth.  Products are designed to amplify our customers’ natural beauty, individuality, and self-esteem. With sizes 5 to 28, and a variety of textures and designs, we offer a layered, graceful Farmhouse Style for women of all ages.  We value building relationships with the women we connect with through the shopping experience. We are committed to enriching lives while providing high- quality, American-made clothing.

“The best clothing to be found at the Country Living Fair was from Farmhouse Frocks who offers handmade American women’s clothing out of Ohio. This is the most wonderfully home-grown brand story I have witnessed coming out of the Midwest scene in recent memory.”           
– Audrey Mitten

“It was so wonderful to find the Farmhouse Frocks studio on Pineapple Avenue in the Burns Court shopping area of Sarasota this weekend. Felicia was simply adorable and a pleasure to meet. I learned so much about the Schlabach family and enjoyed my shopping experience. Blessings to you all and keep on ‘frockin’.” 
– Sabrina Coopman

“I love anything vintage and Farmhouse Frocks carries a wide variety of vintage, up-cycled clothing, much accented with lace and charm. You’ll find me wearing Farmhouse Frocks to musical venues because I love the clothing as well as the family behind the product line.”            
– Ruthie Collins, Musician

“I loved my Facetime shopping with Farmhouse Frocks. It was so much fun, and I love everything I bought!”  
– Stephanie Dehass 


“More faith than fear is our moto, which has been put to the test time and time again. With faith, our location, and an online presence Farmhouse Frocks is rapidly building its customer base and creating many friendships along the way. We treat customers like family, and our goal as a company is to enrich lives each and every day.”   
– Lena Schlabach, Owner 


The mission of Farmhouse Frocks is to bring forth natural elegance created through the flowing, often lacy and ruffled, Farmhouse Style.  The clothing offers varied textured fabrics in petite to plus-sizes so that every woman discovers something created just for her.  Farmhouse Frocks was created through the ingenuity and determination of Lena Schlabach with input and support from her family and a wide circle of friends.  Lena always dreamed of empowering other women by providing unique, beautiful, and comfortable clothing for all sizes. The company ignited using the shopper-friendly online platform: Etsy. Within a year, Lena’s Instagram following grew to over 80,000 and counting with sales surprisingly rapid.  Within two years, two studios have opened in the United States with global sales within reach.

Farmhouse Frocks provides clothing, which has a classy fit and looks fabulous.  Unique, artisan jewelry and hand-sewn, custom-designed leather purses are also in the product line. Farmhouse Frocks uses American-made linen, fleece, jersey and knit fabrics in its clothing items, all hand-sewn by Amish women in Millersburg, Ohio.  Lena Schlabach was raised Amish but left the culture several years ago. Her lifelong dream of designing women’s clothing is coming to fruition with studios in two places she loves dearly:  Millersburg, Ohio, where she was raised.


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Lena Schlabach
Creator of Farmhouse Frocks