Country Living Fair - Columbus 2018

Here's our amazing team that were Frock Stars this show!!!
This year Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio was filled with surprises and eventful things! We worked together as a team to pull through the surprising events. Due to the downpour rain, our booth flooded and we had to move all our things to a new area. All in all we had a fun time together and our booth setup was good after the flood. The miracle of the unexpected disaster was that we had zero product loss.

Finding Joy In The Craziness

Choosing joy, it doesn't depend on the circumstances. You see, there is a difference between joy and happiness. Happiness also doesn't depend on circumstances. Happiness can be enhanced and by circumstances and people. Choosing joy helps you endure the hard times. I think it's all a mind set of how you control your emotions. 

In the last month we've had to deal with deaths of dear friends and close family member. We've had a flood out at the show. Due to a heat wave we lost lots of sales at a show. We have had car...

Quinton's Graduation Party

Oh how exciting this year is! Our middle child, Quinton is graduating High School this today!  We hosted his graduation party in our front yard last weekend, serving a nacho bar. I would say that overall the party was a success! With the help of family and friends, the set up went smoothly.
Quinton loves to hunt, duck hunt specifically. So the theme of the party was of course...

Felicia's Bridal Shower

June is just a bit of time away and the wedding festivities are in full gear. I couldn't be happier for our daughter Felicia, she's getting married to her soul mate in a couple weeks. We hosted a Bridal Shower for her here at the Studio on a Sunday afternoon. 
Fee's friend Alyssa gave her this beautiful peacock chair Fee has always dreamed...

Why Resting Is A Must For Success

"Learn to rest, not to quit."

You've probably heard it before that resting is essential to your success. But have you ever put that into action? For me, this one has been a hard pill to swallow because I thrive when I get things done. I've always been goal-oriented so stopping for a minute to rest always felt kind of weird. As time goes on and I learn more things, I've learned that resting is absolutely essential for success.

Never underestimate what setting time aside for yourself...