Touring Amish Country & Answering Questions

 Amish Country Q & A is always a hot topic and I couldn’t help but notice that we gained new followers and had so many responses to the stories, so without further ado, come follow me and my photographer around Amish Country, Ohio and let’s show you around.

Frock Family Cali Vacation


The girls and I love California, we travel there multiple times a year to take in the textile shows and it is where we order a lot of our beautiful fabrics from. We decided we wanted to do a family vacation to the west coast and show our guys the beautiful and laid back Cali. We planned our vacation around my husband’s birthday so we could also celebrate his 50th and it couldn’t have gone more perfect. 

Style Your Shape: 10 Outfit Ideas

Here at Farmhouse Frocks, we want to help you celebrate your style and shape. Since so many shop only online with us across the globe, here's a guide to help bring us closer together.

Your Shape + Our Designs = Your Unique Style!

This is not about covering up any part of you. Rather, it's about enhancing the beauty you already possess. 

Liz Marie Collection Launch

Where do I even begin to tell you how honored we are to do an Exclusive Collection with our friend Liz Marie. I first met Liz on social media. After following her for years, we were able to first meet her at one of her Found Cottage Merchantile Markets in Holland, Michigan. I was totally star struck as I handed her a Lola Wrap I had brought along to give her....

Our Words Are A Reflection Of Who We Are

Who am I? How do I come across to others? This is something most of us are unaware of.
Have you ever thought about what you think of yourselves or how happy you are comes out in words to others?
Lately I hear myself say to my girls over and over. “Oh, you can’t take that personal. That’s just a reflection of how they feel about themself.”
So I decided to write a blog post about it. It has helped me to not take things so personal when...