Year In Review 2020

If you're reading this, we've made it to 2021! Thank you for being here with us all year long to celebrate the lows and the highs. We trust in God to carry us through, and we hope that when we laugh and shenanigan through heavy moments in the world, that you find a piece of yourself laughing and smiling with us. Here's a recap of Farmhouse Frocks in 2020, the year that felt like forever:


In January, we planned a trip to the Atlanta Mart in Atlanta, Georgia to pick out some new product lines. We had such a successful trip, I'm heading back to the market again this year. On the way, we made a stop in Nashville to have dinner with our dear friend Ruthie Collins. Ruthie is a country music singer that we've known since the very beginning of Farmhouse Frocks.  
One of my favorite things about traveling with my girls is that we're always laughing and truly taking advantage of our time together. If you want to see a recap video of our trip to Atlanta, you can find it here. We were so excited to bring some amazing finds and unique brands back to the studio.


In February, we traveled to San Fransisco for the Evolve Workshop, which focused on social media and influencing. I love attending events like that for the networking opportunities and to gain new perspectives to bring back to my business. We made great connections there and loved adventuring around the city afterward, taking in the landscapes, doing our best foodie impressions, and getting the full San Fran experience.


In March, our dear friend Liz Marie Galvan, published "The Cozy White Cottage," and came to Millersburg for a book signing. We had such a great time hosting her and her family and welcoming our shared audience into the Studio for a fun night.
Later in the month, we traveled with our photographer to Topanga Canyon and Malibu, CA for a photoshoot with our dear Instagram friends, Lorzel and Debra. These are some of my favorite shots of all time, and just seeing all of us by the sea in our breezy linen Dilley Dresses makes me smile.
As soon as we got back from California, COVID-19 was looming. It wasn't long before we were shut down along with the rest of the country, and it wasn't long after that that we got right back to work, producing masks by the thousands. It really took a village and so much help from my amazing team to adapt and start working on this new project so quickly.


By April, the mask making business was in full swing. We outsourced from 15 Amish warehouses that sewed masks for days and weeks on end. I am so unbelievably grateful for the group of seamstresses that came together for this common goal of ours and made this year's success possible.


Another huge part of this year's successes were the helping hands behind the scenes at the Studio. They were the gears making everything turn, managing the seamstresses, taking care of customer service, packaging orders, and encouraging each other with positivity when the days got long. Each person did their part, and I'm so thankful for this team.


Though we were still making masks, we were finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in May. I have dreamt about owning my own home in Sarasota, Florida since I was 16 years old, and this dream finally came true in 2020. We bought this house and turned it into a warm and welcoming space that we now rent on AirBnb.
While we were in Sarasota setting up the new house, Sydni graduated high school after four years of online schooling and managing a full time job. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, she wasn't able to walk at a graduation ceremony or have the graduation party we had planned. However, we plan to appropriately celebrate all of her accomplishments in 2021.


Our Studio was closed for a month or two due to the shutdown, but in June, we were permitted to reopen our doors. I can't express how wonderful it was to see our customers face to face again, and we're blessed we've been able to stay open ever since.


 In July, we celebrated six years of being in business! It feels surreal that Farmhouse Frocks started as a dream, grew legs in my basement, and has since turned into what it is today. Six years of hard work and so much support from all of you have gotten us here, with a beautiful building to share with you and an amazing team that has helped to let us grow even more.
We loved the facelift our building got with the white paint. We also were fortunate to put on a new roof. Let's just say this beautiful old building thanked me. I also sleep better when there are down pouring rains. 
We also launched our Freedom Collection in June, which was meant to inspire people to break free from the heaviness of everything going on the world and to not let the pandemic or other things out of our control trap you in a negative mind space. The girls and I flew to Sarasota for a photoshoot, and of course, some quality time with their mama!


In August, my friend and owner of Olde Tyme Marketplace, Beth, came for a visit while she was in town picking for her beautiful storefront in Madison, Indiana. Beth has been a friend of mine for years, whose friendship I treasure dearly. I was so happy when she agreed to go off-site with us for a little photoshoot. She rocked the whole shoot with confidence, and the laughing shots are 100% real! It doesn't feel like work when you're having so much fun.
We also welcomed this beautiful new fabric into our Rita Romper collection. I've wanted to add a patchwork material to our clothing line for years, so when I found this material, I couldn't get it into production fast enough!


In September, God blessed us with the opportunity to purchase a second home in Sarasota, Florida. More living spaces to fill means more antique picking for me, which might be my favorite part about setting up both rental homes. You can view rental availability or just check out the insides of both homes here.


In October, we added new fabrics selections in some of our most popular pieces, like the Fee Frock. We also made a local connection with the owner of this beautiful car, which they graciously let us use for an absolutely gorgeous day of shooting.
By the time the end of October rolled around, Christmas decorating and preparation was in full swing. We took steps of faith that this Christmas season would be a huge success, and the Lord blessed those steps of faith. More faith than fear prevails once again. Joe and I had so much fun creating these Christmas displays on our Instagram Stories each morning.


If you follow us on Instagram, you may have seen the little adventure I had back in June, attempting to get the perfect shot on this swan. Let's just say it did not go quite as planned. But in November, I went back to Florida for a girl's weekend, and I finally got the shot I had dreamt of. All it took was some patience and the encouragement of my best girl friends. You can relive the full story by clicking the Swan highlight button on our Instagram feed.
Something new this year that our customers raved about to us was our introduction of the Lena Box. We curated a new box of goodies every week for a month, and almost every one of them sold out. Thank you to everyone that supported our Lena Boxes, and we hope unboxing them brought you so much joy this season.


In December, we launched our new website designed by Sydni. We had plans to launch the new website in 2021, but she was able to pull it off a little earlier to launch just in time for the holidays! I love the refreshing new look, and we hope it's been an easy transition for our long-time customers as well.
Speaking of the holidays, it was one week before Christmas until I was able to get everyone together for a family picture. I'm still planning to send cards even though they're late. I'm secretly hoping that when people receive their late Christmas card, they just think it's the mail system being slow from the holidays.
All joking aside, which never really happens here, thank you so much for being here for another year. Whether you've been with us since the beginning or you've just found us, thank you! We couldn't do any of this without you, and we wouldn't want to. I hope the new year brings you peace in your heart and abundant blessings.


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