Trip to New York City

Business Trip to NYC

Sydni and I took a quick trip to NYC last week to take in the TexWorld show. Every other time I've been to The Big Apple I always had a more negative impression of the city. Dirty, mad looking people who are rude and not friendly at all. 

I decided to go there this time with a different mindset, to find interesting things, observe the people with a different attitude and see if my experience is better this time around. 

What I found was like walking into a bubble, it is a completely different culture in contrast to our beloved Amish Country. There is so much hustle and bustle in the city and as I looked around and took note of all the names of companies on tall buildings I realized many of these folks are working in high-powered and stressful jobs and are likely the brains of those companies. Even if they aren't the brains behind some high powered job their stresses are so much bigger in the city than where we live. Their cost of living is high in comparison to many other locations around the country and I think that would make one hustle around and ignore others because they have to stay focused or they have so much to lose. 

The other thing I noticed was the rich history in the buildings. Walking or driving by so many buildings and skyscrapers, thinking about who was behind each of them. The city planners laid the groundwork well. I wondered about the founding fathers of NYC and what their stories were. All the generations of hard work shines through. One thing for sure, some of the architecture is second to none. So beautiful. 


As always our trips are a bit of business and a bit of pleasure. On this trip we were taking in a show and pursuing inspiration. Who knows where the next great idea will come from? 

Our business Itinerary consisted of taking in the textile show and checking out various shops in the Garment district. Shops we have visited on Instagram but wanted to do so in person. Beside our business itinerary we had some time to do a little bit of personal sight seeing and experiencing the city as a tourist. 

We stayed right in the heart of the Garment District. Everything was at our finger tips. Trim, buttons, fabric/textile shops. Anything you want to create clothing is right there and we were delighted to be there and explore.

We arrived at our hotel Monday night and had enough time to use the Postmate app that we love to order in some NYC pizza. We fell asleep pretty promptly. We had a long flight, first from Cleveland to Chicago and finally landing in NYC. It was a blessed thing to lay our heads on a soft pillow and sleep off the wear and tear of traveling. 


Tuesday found us up bright and early, getting ready to go to the show. We hailed a cab and had the driver take us to the show. The show itself was nice. We spent a number of hours browsing the aisles and aisles of vendors, experiencing new trends, new textiles and new fabrics. I think every walk of life was at this show. People represented from many different countries. It was a happening place for sure.

Our main reason for attending this show was to discover new linens and neutral colored fabrics that we can utilize in our line at Farmhouse Frocks. I'm happy to report we were able to connect with several companies that we can work with. Their fabrics are perfect for us.

After attending the show we hailed another cab and headed toward the Rockefeller Center. We explored the area, went on top of Rockefeller Center and got to take some cool pictures and see the city from on top one of the tallest buildings in NYC. The weather was really beautiful that day and was perfect for pictures. 

While at Rockefeller Center a lady approached us from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. She was looking for mother/daughter teams to ask pop culture questions and play a game called Mom and Pop Quiz. We participated and it was a lot of fun, but it also was poking fun at "mom" for not knowing the answers to some of their questions. I'm always up for a good laugh, even if it is at the expense of me. 

 Anthropology was our next stop. It is our favorite store besides Farmhouse Frocks. We love to see their cool displays and after visiting there we were definitely inspired to come home and change up our displays again.  

We took in a small museum, Fashion Institute of Technology, (FIT). They had a cool video playing when we first came in and the one thing that caught our attention was that they talked about how important it is to have a plus size clothing line and not leave anyone out. The displays in the museum were dress forms with historic dresses resting on them. 

In the late afternoon we went back to our hotel and hung out on the roof of the hotel. It was gorgeous up there and we could see around while we rested. 

After having rested for a bit we got ready and we walked around taking in more sights. We were able to draw inspiration from the window displays and the city in general. We came by where the Grammy's were held this year. Passed by Radio City Hall. We noticed ruffles are in as are more simple styles. 


Stat Care got a visit from us. We both needed some medicine for a bug both of us had come down with.  

We ended our day by stopping off at Eataly for dinner. I had a steak dinner and Sydni opted for the chicken noodle soup. The restaurant had a neat atmosphere, reminded me of Italy. We ended up at the market at Eataly's for dessert. It was nice to get to experience it. We opted to take chocolate mousse back to the hotel with us. 



We had heard of this happening place in Soho, Lamercier Cafe and decided to try it out for breakfast. They didn't really have a breakfast menu, but the pastries they served were divine. They were busy and are definitely a happening place. Very trendy decor and the ambiance's great.

We stopped off at Mood Fabrics which is famously known from the show Project Runway. We were able to select a few good fabric pieces there. 

In the afternoon we spoiled ourselves with mani/pedis and ate sushi for dinner.


On Thursday we flew back home. People recognized us at the airport. "Hey, you are the ladies from Farmhouse Frocks!" 

Sydni and I were both wearing our Peplum style, Elizabeth coats all weekend when it was cold enough. Sydni a pink one and I was wearing a gray one. It was amazing how many people stopped us and asked us about our coats while we were gone. We were able to hand out quite a few business cards that way. Sydni's one of a kind pink coat got so much attention we plan to add that color to the collection in the Fall. 

It was a successful trip. I liked experiencing NYC through a lens of "experience and inspiration" rather than dwelling on the things I did not like the other times I had visited. As we were flying home and discussing everything we saw and experienced we were excited to get back to Farmhouse Frocks and put into motion all the inspiration we got while in NYC.

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  • Lena, I love your line of clothing and the way you formed your company. It must be great to have your daughters working with you! My two daughters are my blessings… I saw the article about your company in Mary Janes Mag, Nov 2016 and I fell in love with the lace frock called “the Syd”, modeled by Sydney? Do you carry this in your line? Do you possibly have a pattern for it that I could buy? I have been a seamstress for 40 years and have tackled everything from drapes, to wedding dresses, to men’s suits and I would love to make this lace top for myself and daughters. Thank you for your time, and God Bless your family and employees!

    • Virginia
  • Would love to purchase a pink Elizabeth coat!!! I hope you do consider adding that color!!!! LOVE!!!!

    • CHarlene bElsole