The Farmhouse Style

I am often asked about the farmhouse style. I have always loved the farmhouse style in fashion because it is comfortable, beautiful, stylish and fresh.

Farmhouses come to mind when you hear the name of our company, Farmhouse Frocks. The country lifestyle absolutely influences the design of our product line. I live in a community where farmhouses proudly rise from the landscape and are surrounded by rolling hills and wildlife. Our design team is inspired by the outdoor lifestyle where we live as well as the farmhouses, cottages and barns sprinkled all across Millersburg, Ohio.  

The earliest farmhouses were usually built by hand and constructed with materials specific to a region. Similarly, our product line is hand-sewn by Amish seamstresses who provide attention to detail and craftsmanship. The original farmhouses were unpretentious, functional and made in America thanks to hard work and dreams. Our clothing is as well. We are determined to bring quality and beauty together each and every time a frock is designed.

Synonyms for the farmhouse style are cottage style, boho, shabby chic and eclectic to some degree. The color palette is most often in natural warm wood tones and includes lots of cream, white, gray and taupe. Ruffles and lace and often included in the rich detailing. Artisan designed accessories add personal touch and many of the designs have a vintage, heirloom appeal.

The farmhouse style allows beauty and confidence to feel natural. And this, most of all, is our goal at Farmhouse Frocks.          
Images via Lyssa Ann Portraits + Cottonwood Shanty.

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