Finding Joy In The Craziness

Choosing joy, it doesn't depend on the circumstances. You see, there is a difference between joy and happiness. Happiness also doesn't depend on circumstances. Happiness can be enhanced and by circumstances and people. Choosing joy helps you endure the hard times. I think it's all a mind set of how you control your emotions. 

In the last month we've had to deal with deaths of dear friends and close family member. We've had a flood out at the show. Due to a heat wave we lost lots of sales at a show. We have had car accidents, mean customers, food poisoning, just to mention a few challenges. Some of the funnier but still crazy busy times were the Graduation and Wedding we hosted. Not to mention a Country Living Show in the midst of those two.

 Finding joy in the crazy isn't a matter of just putting a smile on your face and having joy. You have to practice it. What do I mean by that? You have to be intentional. That's the secret, being intentional. I mean, you have to be intentional to look around you and appreciate the things you have. For example when you see a sunset to you thank the Lord in your mind for this moment or do you think your running late to your next meeting and maybe not even notice there is a sunset. Another great practice to find joy in your home or in your workplace is thanking the people around you and maintaining a positive mindset, you can really make a difference in the people around you. 

As a business woman, I have big dreams to change the world. But, I realized that by starting small and changing the lives around me by staying positive, it's a good start. I've found that my morning time alone with a little bit or might I say allot of coffee and my quiet presence of Jesus. It's a good way to be intentional with your meditation, podcasts and the music you listen to.  My personal favorite devotional is the Jesus Calling app on my iPhone, which has incredible daily reminders to stay close to Jesus and let go of what you don't have control of. 

So now I would like to know what keeps you going. What do you to stay positive? What do you do to maintain joy in the crazy life you lead? What helps you? Please feel free to share in a comment below. I love you ladies, I hope you have an amazing week!!!

P.S. For those of you who were asking about Felicia's wedding, it was amazing. There for sure is a blog coming up about it!


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  • I am in search of joy and positivity. Lena your post is very inspiring. Finding your store and wonderful fashions made me feel so joyful. Lena, what you share through what you lovingly do and say is comforting to me. I love the Lord and it is always good to be remember to slow down, reflect happiness and joy and most of all the all inspiring presence of The Lord. Through you, your family and good disciple work I look forward to your blog. Also, I love the stylish yet perfect clothes your store offers. Thank You!!!!!!

    • Barbara Hayes
  • Thank you Lena! It’s a rough road in this world today. Seeing your positive message is so good!! Your kindness shows in your every moment! You don’t really know me but when I spoke to you at church about my hubby, you were so kind and treated me as if we are friends!! Thank you!!

    • Jan
  • With my Past of being Amish, Lena you have been a GREAT inspiration to me! I Love Life and Jesus! Its what keeps me Going♥️

    • Cindy
  • Yes and yes, everything about this! This topic has been close to my heart too! I just published a very personal post about this very thing (sharing link because it’s so good to know we are not alone in this quest for joy in the midst of the crazy and the hard). As a fan, customer and fellow plus-sized woman with style, I’m grateful for you and this business you’ve created. <3.

    • Erin Kelley
  • I rely on my faith and remind myself that we are here to make a difference in other’s lives. Even in the darkest moments, we can look around and see others who are struggling with much worse. The smallest of things are often the greatest blessings. Trusting it all the the Lord is what gives me strength and perseverance.
    Thank you for sharing your story.

    • Linda decker