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Growing Up Amish Series - Memories From My Formative Years

Up until I was twelve years old my family lived and worked on a farm in the rolling hills of southern Ohio. It was then that my parents moved our family to Holmes County, Ohio and where all of us live today. The very first memories I have are from when my family lived there on that 200 hundred acre farm which was a respectable size for an Amish farm. Beginning there on that farm, I will be posting a series of posts that are filled with my memories of growing up Amish. 
My Parents
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Why I Love The Life I Left

I love my life. Every minute of it.

I love the phase of my life I’m in right now as the founder of Farmhouse Frocks, a comfortable, beautiful, body-positive clothing line for women of all sizes and shapes. I love the part of my life when I was tiptoeing into entrepreneurship— learning what it takes to run a business and still maintain a personal life. And I love my growing-up years as an Amish girl looking for truth and finding her own identity in rural Ohio.

I really do love every minute of it.

That’s not to say I haven’t...