The Vintage Round Top Workshop with Studio Mcgee & Alyssa Rosenheck



Oh WOW can your brain ever be on turbo inspiration overload? This was the real reason why we went to Round Top, Texas. When we got in with this rare opportunity to attend the workshop at The Vintage Round Top we hopped on it. We only had two tickets so Felicia went junking while Sydni and I attended the workshop.

Lets be honest. I was a little bit anxious that they could keep my attention all day. If you're a creative like me, you know it's hard to sit still. Also, walking into a room with women that are leaders I wasn't sure if they were going to be snooty or friendly. Despite my worries about sitting still, all went well and we learned a lot.

We soon found women just like ourselves that longed to get to meet new people and know each others dreams and accomplishments.

I've been admiring Shae's IG feed for a long time and was so happy to chat in person with her on having multiple locations.

Alyssa had great tips on having boundaries with people.

Here are a couple of tips that we learned at the workshop.


*have gratitude as a daily ritual

*do what your passionate about

*see the beauty in people  

*hangout with inspiring people

*love people



*your going to make mistakes

*running a business is hard

*if your not willing to push through the hard times you'll never make it to the easier part

*train well and give people time to fit in

*if an employee isn't happy your doing you both a favor to let them go

*you don't need approval with family or friends on decisions if their not in your lane

*be good at delegating



*share what you love


*how can I be a service to others

*be kind

*be real

*reaching out to others

*connect to community

*be intentional

*think what inspires you daily

Plus we learned so much on social media and branding that I'll be sharing soon too. 

If you ever get the chance to take classes from those that have went before you make sure you take the time to do so.

Until next time have MORE FAITH THAN FEAR when making your decisions.


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