Farmhouse Frock Shoe Review

Everyone likes to look their best but not everyone knows how to pare pieces together to complete a look. We are doing a couple things to help our customers pull their outfits together. 

One resource we are working on is creating look-books, both online and in Studio. It will be a wonderful resource once we go live with them. Customers will be able to see how our pieces are paired together for different looks. It should be easy to shop and pick out pieces that our customers love and want to try. 

The other way we can help is by publishing blog posts such as this one. Linking to shoes, sandals and boots that go very well with our outfits. The great thing with our line is that we can mix and match all of our articles of clothing and the same goes with shoes, boots and sandals. 

Participating in shows all over the USA has helped us realize how important it is to have comfortable shoes. We love to wear cute and trendy shoes and have found we have to pay a little bit more money to have both comfort and style. 


The list we are sharing today makes up only about a fourth of the shoes in our closets. Women can never have enough shoes. I think maybe there is a reference like that in the Bible somewhere. (Not really.) My husband just rolls his eyes when he sees the delivery truck has stopped by the house to drop off another pair of "comfort, style and trendy." It's a gift to be a really good shoe shopper. I will let you in on a secret at the end of this post. 


Come Shoe Shopping With Me 

Fringe sandals:

How cute are these? Felicia has this pair and she wore them last summer with many of her outfits. This sandal says "bohemian, summer and fun" all at the same time.


Silver Loafers:

I have this pair on order and waiting for their arrival. I'm excited about this pair because the reviews online were so positive. I can see this pare well with any outfit in our collection. They are trendy for both an older and younger ladies.


Gold n Silver Loafers:

I own this pair and every time I wear them I get compliments. They hold up well and I can wear them with both dresses or pants. PLUS SOOOO COMFORTABLE. So much fun!


Pink Loafers With Tassels:

These shoes are super comfortable also. They run a little big to size. I get a lot of compliments when I wear them and the best thing about them is I can be on my feet all day long and my feet never hurt.


Michael Kors Gold:

Originally I had purchased these for myself but they run small in size and they fit Sydni better than they do me. They are a high end shoe. Sydni loves to pare them with outfits for church and special dinner events. She absolutely loves them.


Leather Booties With Side Open:

Another way to learn of good shoes to wear that are cute, comfortable and trendy is word of mouth. I follow lizmarieblog and she recommended this pair. I just ordered them and they are on their way to our house as I'm writing this. Loafers go with our clothing. You just can't go wrong with a good loafer.


White Loafers:

Another loafer. I purchased this pair at Target and am looking forward to breaking them in this summer.


Booties With Braid on Top:

While I was browsing for my links for this post I found this pair of booties and thought I would throw them in the mix. They are cute and would go with any of our outfits. The girls would love this pair for sure.|adaptpdph1|related_prods_vv|adaptpdph1|52861736|0


High Tan Betstu Boots:

Boots are in right now and you can't go wrong with this Betstu boot. Felicia has this pair and wears them a lot. She loves them and receives compliments every time she wears them.


Leather Sandals:

This cute pair of sandals makes any of our outfits look amazing for summer. Sydni is wearing them in two different looks. As you can see they look pretty with a dress or pants. They are even more comfortable than they look because they are stretchy so if they are a little tight when you first purchase them the straps won't bother your feet.


Funky Boots:

Sydni wears a lot, like almost every single day. They are so comfortable and she gets so many compliments when she wears them. They are great with so many of our outfits.


Best Dark Brown Leather Loafers:

This pair is on my bucket list for my next shoe. They are more expensive but the Betstu brand always has comfortable shoes and for that reason I don't mind paying a little bit more. When my current get sh*t done shoes are done.


Cream With Brown String Loafer:

 Super comfortable. I simply love them. My girls razz me a little bit and call them my "grandma shoes." I take it as a compliment. I know a lot of "grandmas" who are very classy, trendy and stylish.


Grey Short Boots:

Felicia is wearing the grey booties in this picture.They are cute, trendy and completely comfortable.

The Secret

I have found the real secret to shoe shopping is to read the online reviews. Ladies are pretty passionate about their footwear and they will let their thoughts known in the reviews. This tip is the most important thing I can give to you on the subject of comfort and purchasing shoes. 

My last tip is to reiterate a point I made before. You have to spend a little more money to get both style and comfort. 

Happy shopping!


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