Our Words Are A Reflection Of Who We Are

Who am I? How do I come across to others? This is something most of us are unaware of.
Have you ever thought about what you think of yourselves or how happy you are comes out in words to others?
Lately I hear myself say to my girls over and over. “Oh, you can’t take that personal. That’s just a reflection of how they feel about themself.”
So I decided to write a blog post about it. It has helped me to not take things so personal when people are downright mean. Many times when a dart of criticism comes flying at you it’s not based out of love. However you will know when it’s said in general concern for your well being.
Sometimes the retail business can be challenging. Many women in this world have a misconception of their image. That’s one of the motivations that started our company Farmhouse Frocks. I started my company because I could never find cute clothing for my 3X body shape that had big enough sleeves in the upper arm and long enough shirts to cover my business as my friend Staci would say.
This past weekend we hosted a cookie tour in our Studio. As I sat at my computer in the back Studio and reflected on what was going on around me. I was proud of my team for greeting and welcoming all our over a 1000 guests. I also noticed the people that appreciated the spread of cheese plates and atmosphere we created for them to enjoy. It was nice to sit and receive the compliments of our hard labor.
What inspired me to write this post was this one special lady that walked back in the room to intentionally tell me that she loved our new Caribou Nash and where we hung him in our front Studio. I thanked her for her nice compliment and as we talked I told her it was just so interesting to me, on the different prospective of people’s opinions. I said just yesterday I got a message from a lady telling me how sad she is that we’d hang a dead animals head on the wall. The lady I was talking to said, I always look at it as your preserving the beauty of the animal long after they lived a good life.
I guess I wouldn’t have had to use this extreme touchy topic to try and motivate you to feed your soul so words of truth so you can speak out life and love to those you come in contact with. But it was fresh in my mind of an example.
I also heard a group of ladies come in and stand around the spread of food we provided for them and loudly make fun of our Rita Romper and saying how they’d have to work three jobs to be able to afford it. Since I started thinking differently on when people say hurtful things. I didn’t take it personally on the patterns that I had designed. I just instantly thought that’s a reflection of who they are and I don’t have to own that one.
I’m not going to apologize for others actions. If you did it, own it. I think that was another big sentence in 2018 that I used for my team.
Now that you heard my prospective on you are what you speak. Let’s all focus on what we feed our brains in 2019. Call out the lies that Satan is trying to trick you with and let’s be intentional on the company we keep as we speak love everywhere we go.

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  • I will be 66 years old in a few months, and I have had a lot of people hurt my feelings over the years, to many to count. But, what I have learned is to keep my eye upon Jesus, he never has hurt me, or led me astray. Even in my lowest of lows he was always there for me. So, to close let me say. I will keep my eyes upon Jesus, with him I am forgiven, loved and cherished as his own.

    • Rachael Strough