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 Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful mommas! Let me share with you a little bit about my experience of being a mother and  about my precious mom.
 Being raised a little girl in an Amish home usually meant one thing: she would grow up and be a domestic house wife woman with many children raised by her love and their father’s hard work. I didn’t quite have the same sentiments for my future while I was growing up as most others did in the community. I wanted a career and some of my own big dreams to be the focus. I wanted to travel the world and have it at my doorstep; a very contrasting dream from some of those who I grew up around. At a young age I sort of decided that my future was going to look different from the norm of those around me. Fast-forward many roads, trials, and blessings, and you’ll find me living a life I never dreamt of. My loving husband of 24 years and three wonderful children, Felicia, Quinton, and Sydni, have given me an unforgettable life as a mother and wife. I would not have it any other way.
  Felicia, also known as Fee, is my first-born. Her spirit is as free as her ability to love every person who walks in our doors at Farmhouse Frocks. She is truly gifted with helping people feel like a part of our family. Many people comment on her comforting hugs and are most grateful for her help while they find the best fit of our frocks. She’s the first person our customers see, and because of her humble spirit she leaves a lasting impression on them when they leave. I think that Fee is one of the many things people remember about our shop. She is a shining example of the Lord’s love and I rejoice in her fiercely loyal spirit.
 Quinton, also known as Q is a outdoor guy that loves to research where the waterfowl migrate and likes doing his research on anything he has an interest in. He wants to go to school to be a wild life biologist.  He has a more behind the scenes part of Farmhouse Frocks. With hanging displays, cleaning, helping load and unloading with trailer. He is a loyal and hard working and he's my favorite son. ;)
 Sydni is my youngest, my baby. She is straightforward with her answers and endlessly benevolent with her encouragement. Her determined heart and level head could honestly run the whole business without me! Her quiet, behind-the-scenes attitude blesses our family business in ways many others cannot. From uploading photos to training our associates, she’s the one who keeps us going. I think one thing that sets Sydni apart from others her age, next to her business savvy, is her simple, raw belief in prayer. She is the true definition of a prayer warrior and for that I praise Him. She reminds me to have "more faith than fear" almost everyday.
 My family and I are blessed to work and have lives together outside of the studio also. They're my best friends and we have so much fun together. Our daily lives at the office and in our studio have led us to realize our strengths and weaknesses. We’re always learning how to work with highs and lows to produce the very best outcome for all. It’s not always easy. There’s a lot of intentional listening, talking, coaching, and prayer that goes into making the end product productive and keeping our relationships as our most treasure possession. As their mother I have to make sure that my kids are heard and understood, and that they acknowledge the same spirit with those they do business with. These are just a few of the many things we do together daily.
 Ever since a young age I have encouraged my children to be independent.  They have gained hands-on experience that no other class or course could give them. I think that these types of life lessons are so valuable coming from their mother; they see me as unbiased and truly wanting the best for them. I can help teach them many lessons they need for life through our work together. Now it’s my daughters’ turns to open their hearts and share their thoughts on Mothers Day. 
 This is what Fee had to say about her Mom.
 Working with my mom has made us realize that we both have our different strength that we strive in. I love working for her. Where one is weak, another is strong. I really use my strong suit of making everyone feel comfortable that walks into our studio or our booth at shows. I’ve been working with her for almost 2 years and can confidently say that I've found my niche. We've set boundaries and systems in place that makes it easier for everyone. When we travel and go out and do things together; that really strengthens our relationships even more. I love the times where we are in the studio being goofy or we're brainstorming where everything evolves from one’s original idea into something greater, it’s a creative process.
 I had plans to go to college but felt a calling to work with my mom. Because of that choice I now have the relationship with my mom that I want to have with my kids. She knows me. She knows everything about me. I am thankful that working with her has really has made us even closer. She has changed what I want my life to look like in so many ways. At one point I wanted to do modeling, then I thought maybe message therapy, but it has always come back to Farmhouse Frocks. That is a sure sign of what God has for me.
 My mom has this saying, “More faith than fear.” To me that means getting over fear of man. I’ve always had this fear of caring a lot of what people think of me. Her life quote has taught me about having faith that I’m doing the right thing and shouldn’t care about what others think. For my mom that means when the Lord is saying that He wants to do something with her, it’s going to take faith.  It sometimes seems impossible, but if you look at the things that he has done in the past, there’s no way that He can't come through. More faith than fear. My mom and her faith have endlessly affected my personal life. My mom was always had faith in me even when I didn't believe in myself. It takes faith with every step to be where he wants me to be in life. My mother’s prayers are one of the most meaningful things in my life. There’s just something about my mothers prayers that makes me feel so protected. My mom has exemplified to me what it means to truly love someone. The way she pursues my dad and the way she understands him, those are just a few of the beacons in my life that I look up to with all my heart. Mom always puts me before her.
 My mom is just the most determined, passionate person that I know. Once you meet her you leave a different person than before you met her. You can’t forget her! She is light when she enters a room. I think she makes effort everyday to reach people. It's her goal to show love to everyone she meets and to leave an impact on whoever she comes into contact with. She’s the rock in my life and has become that for many others. She is the light of my life. That’s for sure.
 This is what Q said about me.
My mom is a hard worker and a good cook. I enjoy our talks in the car and while sitting in the hot tub.
(I'll take that, after all he's a man of few words but means what he says.)
This is what Sydni had to say about me.
 Working with my mom has been my dream. I've always looked up to her, and wanted to be like her already as a little girl. Every since I was a little girl I always dreamt a lot about fashion. Now we are living out those dreams and we're having so much fun doing that as a team with my sister, who is my best friend.
 It's been incredible to see how God has worked through my mom.  Everyday I’m in awe of how she can get so much done and how she inspires so many people. Everyday she flourishes with beauty. She’s a shining beam of light wherever she goes and has become a role model for a lot of people. My life is no exception from her unforgettable influence.
 She is so creative and humble; she epitomizes what a team player looks like in business. Her mind is always open to new ideas and is always respectful of others. She teaches me many life lessons with the way she lives.
 Her saying, “More faith than fear,” is alive and well in her everyday.  She genuinely steps out in faith with every decision. She’s a mover and a shaker. She’s incredible with moving forward and being quick, she gets the job done well. Also adjusts her sails easily when complications are thrown her way.
 I want to be fearless just like her. I want to be positive like her. I want to be creative and spontaneous like her. I want to be an example like she is to so many that she meets. Even if it’s a simple hello or praying with a customer, her heart shines through her all the time. When she prays over you it’s like it’s all taken care of. As a little girl I would go to her and just her motherly touch could sooth the most worrying soul. Her heart is always in a good place, she loves to help others and empower others. She’s inspired so many women. People come up to us and they’re like,  “You’ve inspired me in such and such ways…” It’s just amazing to see what women like her can do for others.
I'm humbled to have copy and pasted their words into this blog. This truly is the best gift from our children for Mother's Day!
I'm going to close this blog and share with you what an example my own mother has been to me in my life.
Clara, my mom has had a rough week, she had a stroke and lost mobility on her left side. However I believe with her willpower and positive attitude she will make a complete recovery.
My mom is a mover and a shaker and is the kindest person I know. She puts others needs before herself. She is a hoot to hang out with and has lots of friends. She is a planner and already has figured out the problems before it has ever rises. She loves her birds and living in Florida in the winters. She lives right next door and we have our daily coffee together. Yes, she's still Amish and they drive a horse and buggy.
Thank you for your continued prayers on her recovery.
I'm closing this with a big heart felt HUG to all you ladies. I hope your special day will be filled with happiness and sunshine.


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