Our Trip To California

A few weeks ago Sydni and I went to California to attend a textile show and take a little time to be inspired. We were all packed with our portfolios and ready to find some lovely textiles to bring back to you as we walked in our ever-important comfy shoes hand in hand letting the spirit be our guide.
Upon preparing to go to LA, we took to Instagram hashtags to find where people love to
stay, eat, and mingle in comfort and style. Part of our philosophy is to surround ourselves with people and places that stir our hearts. This lets us bring our experiences back to our sewers and into your arms. After countless recommendations and many oohs and ahhs at their posts, our online journey led us to the Line Hotel (@thelinehotel).
We packed our bags but were thoughtful to leave space for the treasures we hoped to find and headed for the coast. I’m not sure if Amish-made hats have ever rode in a red
convertible VW Bug in California, but Sydni and I enjoyed our day taking in the sights
while I battled a sinus cold. I didn’t plan on having to pack extra tissues alongside our
portfolios and frocks, but if that’s how it was going to go then I would go and do our job
with a thankful soul. We arrived to the Line Hotel on Saturday night and gathered our
thoughts in their lush garden café as we prepared our hearts and minds for what lied

Monday morning came, today was the day! We felt giddy and excited to touch every
piece of fabric we were going to pick out for this upcoming year. This was our third time
attending this textile show in LA so we were more prepared. We knew what we were
looking for in color, texture and textile for each of our patterns that flatter every beautiful
person we serve. Upon arriving we ran into some fellow creative souls and vendors, it
was a blessing to see them in the LA Fashion District atmosphere. A fog was settling in
my head as my cold loomed, but as it did it pushed me to go forward with faith that
something great was coming out of this trip. And what do you know, through faith and
perseverance comes just what you are looking for. Sydni and I walked around positively
as we soaked in the creative spirit, admiring that the West Coast is two years ahead of us in the fashion world. We are going to bring it back to the East Coast; you definitely don’t want to miss it! Did we mention that we found a lovely vendor there and have arranged to order fabrics directly from France? Ooh la-la! Our day left us feeling accomplished and ready to find more frock-worthy items. 

The beach was calling our names for a photo shoot the next day to meet up with Brendon North (@brendannorth) whom we also found on Instagram. Social media is a powerful medium to use when traveling! Be sure to search the hashtag with the city you are visiting for the most local, loving sources to share your art with. They’ll welcome you
with open arms.
We loved unveiling and capturing one of our newer pieces, the Cali tunic, which was
purposefully made for this trip. It shone just as bright as the ocean that day alongside our new metallic cowhide cross body backpack. The waves slowly washed on the shore as we took it all in. The warm sun saw many of our outfits and displayed what loving hands and kind spirits can produce. From our shoot at Venice beach to the street cafes, locals stopped to compliment our outfits. These encouraging words led me to smile as I deeply wished that every person could know they were just as loved and purposefully made in their own heart as they saw in the Cali tunic.

My cold slowly started fleeing and the warm California air wrapped my soul with
excitement to go soak in the culture around town and go antiquing. We took to the local
scene to find inspiration and a few vintage treats along the way. Somehow a shabby chic
glass chandelier ended up on just fitting in my carry-on suitcase and hung itself up in my
new-to-me little vintage camper. Imagine that. We will share a blog on my camper,
Sweet Jayme, later! I’d say our antiquing venture was a success.

The next day we had the opportunity to go to some warehouses including a warehouse
where we already buy textiles. This is the place where thoughtful hands and creative
minds make empowering products. Here we pulled bolt after bolt, carefully imaging
what could be with our Amish sewers and their loving nature. We left these experiences
with confidence and a breath of fresh spring air. Enjoy a sneak peek at one of the fabrics that we found.

The last day led our little red VW to Santa Barbara and the countryside. Our frocks
fluttered as we drove up the coast. What magnificent waterfalls and beautiful scenes we
saw! Our resolute trip ended on artistic and peaceful notes. Many that Sydi and I are
ready to implement into our stores and designs so you have the opportunity to feel the
same way.

I arrived home in Ohio and thought to myself, how did a little Amish girl end up where I
am at today, a fashion designer? Everyday I am humbled by God’s grace in our business
and my life. Let’s remember to pause everyday and thank God for what He has blessed us with, it could be a tiny vintage chandelier, loving family, a roof over our heads or our
health. From Him all things are given.

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