How To Shop at The Country Living Fair

Here are some tips and tricks to navigate through the event.

As both a vendor and shopper at CLF (Country Living Fair) events I have come up with a list of things to help the first time or seasoned shopper navigate through their experience with some ease. I hope you enjoy your experience at Country Living Fair in Nashville, Tennessee on April 21-23, 2017.

Before Arriving
1. Plan your trip and get informed before you arrive by visiting this website. You will find things like ticket, directions, motor scooter, lodging, vendors, and a whole slew of other information there. A great way to start your experience is by planning it out.
2. Joann Fabrics and Craft Stores is sponsoring 24 Make and Take workshops so find out when they are and which ones to see.
3. Install the Country Living Fair app on your phone and you will be able to check out all the vendors at the show and it is updated all day long with photos and reminders of where to find the DIY workshops. Which is very helpful as you make your way through the show.
4. Plan your wardrobe. Wear comfortable shoes, layers of clothing you can take off as the day warms up, and sunglasses are helpful when in the bright Tennessee sun.
5. Bring a shopping buggy to pull around so that you don’t get tired carrying all your treasures.
6. Find likeminded friends to bring with you to the event. Friends who enjoy the same type of product you do and who shop at the same speed you do. This is good because that way what you miss your friend might pick out and vice versa. It is also good to break away from each other from time to time and “go it alone” for a few minutes, just for a little break from each other and see what you can fish out on your own.

7.  I like to bring my own bottles of water with me so I don’t have to stand in long lines for water when I get thirsty.

You Have Arrived!
Expect the best of the best artisans! It is like walking onto your favorite Pinterest boards or walking through the Country Living Magazine and getting to see all the items you love in real life. It is an amazing thing to behold. Be prepared to be wowed with all the items the artisans have on their displays.
If you haven’t taken time to install the Country Living Fair app you might want to snag up a map of the show when you arrive. This will be helpful for you to find your favorite vendors that you have been following and are excited to meet up with and see their display. It will also help you navigate to any make and take workshops you may have signed up for.
The shopping experience is always amazing and a great way to meet new people and network with other likeminded folks. Even though I am a vendor I make sure to plan some time off from my booth so I can get out into the crowd and walk on all those “live Pinterest boards” and mingle.
I’ve learned to shop early and ride the wave of anticipation with all my fellow shoppers. I thrive on the hustle and bustle of that first morning. Everyone who is there is as excited as you are to get to the best of the best first. When I get to a piece I like, I pause and ask myself one question, “Am I going to think about this item when I get home if I left it behind?” If the answer is yes, then I purchase it on the spot because oftentimes it is gone by the time I come back to purchase it later.
If you are less motivated about finding the “best” items and enjoy shopping in a more leisurely fashion you might want to wait until later in the morning to arrive. There will be less shoppers in the afternoon and more space to walk around and enjoy the displays.
Shopping Country Living Fair is not the time to haggle for better prices. This is not a flea market and the artisans have all worked very hard to make their products available to their buyers and there is always cost attached to being a part of such an event. Many of the vendors don’t have store fronts and the fair generates a good portion of their livelihood.
Did you know there is a pick-up booth provided at the Country Living Fair? If you find a larger item that you can’t carry the vendor you purchase from will make sure your large items arrives at the booth ready for you to pull your vehicle in front of and be loaded with ease. The same is true for smaller items, you can check your items in at the pick-up booth and pick up later.

Make sure and find the Fried Green Tomatoes Food Truck and try a fried green tomato BLT sandwich. It is worth the wait and you'll thank me later. 

My Favorite Vendors at CLF
1. Fruit Tea Chicks
2. Gladys and Nora’s
3. French Vanilla
4. JBS Mercantile
5. Sisters on the Fly

6. South Porch Antiques




My Favorite Restaurants in Nashville
From all my travels to Nashville I’ve gained an appreciation for various businesses there. It is always good to go with an insider, one who lives there, and my friend and country music star, Ruthie Collins, has taken us around when we’ve been to Nashville in the past. So grateful for her knowledge of the city and I will share some of the links here for you in case you want to check those out.
Conversely, Ruthie Collins wears many of our frocks and has been to our store front in Millersburg, Ohio. She will join us at our Farmhouse Frocks booth on Friday morning - April 21 - for a meet and greet. Ruthie is also a make and take workshop demonstrator and will be entertaining us with her singing on Sunday. Be sure to look for her while you are shopping and tell her hello.
1. Biscuit Love – Great breakfasts – worth the wait.
2. J Alexanders – Decadent macaroni and cheese and carrot cake.
3. Butchertown Hall – Great atmosphere and all their food is always good.

4. Rolf and Daughters – The bread with salted butter is amazing and there pasta is incredible.

My favorite ways to find lodging are through a couple of websites or apps. I like the Air BnB’s because it is more relaxing and I’ve never had a problem when I’ve stayed at one of them. Nashville isn’t far from Lebanon, TN which is where the Country Living Fair is held at. One can find great lodging on either of these websites for the area.
1. Airbnb

2. Homeaway

See YOU There!
We are so excited for our set up this year. We are bringing our full line of frocks and my daughters and I are all looking forward to help you find the perfect pieces to fit you. We have a dressing room in our booth so you will know which pieces you love before you make a purchase. Our booth is set up by the main stage and easy to find. We are bringing leather goods, and new earrings that are just releasing, all made by Amish.
To extend your experience after you return back home make sure and “like and follow” your favorite artisans and use these hashtags to have your photos connected to the Country Living Fair.
#clffinds #countrylivingfair #clfair #farmhousefrocks #fhf

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