Highlights From Our Anniversary Celebration

Piggy-backing on my post from last week I wanted to update you on Farmhouse Frock’s second year anniversary celebration. What an amazing and uplifting weekend it turned out to be. I’m so incredibly grateful for everything.

Before we began our celebration last weekend there was much preparation we had to put into it. I had prayed that our customers would feel celebrated and the moment was right and good. God answered my prayers a hundredfold. My mind was boggled by all the faithful customers who drove many miles and many hours to come celebrate with us. It was humbling and encouraging all in the same moment.

In my prayers I asked God what I should do and I felt him telling me to prepare for many and we did. We prepared with wonderful new frocks and stocked up with the classic favorites. We added plates of cheese to a sideboard and crocks of flavored water for all to quench their thirst as they mingled and shopped.

One of the things I requested from God was that he would give me kisses from him all weekend long. He was faithful and brought me so many. I will attempt to share a few with you here, but I know I’m missing a lot.

Kisses From God

  • One couple who was traveling from Pennsylvania to Michigan drove out of their way to stop in and hand me a sign out of barnwood that had Blessed written on it. I know they have followed me for awhile because they knew what the word blessed means to me. What a wonderful treat and kiss from God!
  • Just seeing so many faithful followers show up for our celebration was a huge kiss from God.
  • Another couple who was celebrating their 62nd wedding anniversary came waltzing through our doors. They sat down and made themselves at home. They were just the sweetest couple and I, sat down with them for a few moments and visited with them. Obviously they were happy and in love and I couldn't help myself but ask them about the success of their marriage. What is your secret, I asked. The husband told me to never go to bed mad at each other and she quipped nonchalantly that one should always be considerate of their partner. She couldn’t have said it more matter of factly if she had to. It was comical and a blessing all at the same time.
  • Our sales were amazing over our celebration weekend and that too was a kiss from God. It was an affirmation that we are providing a product which people love and want. When sales are up I know the attention I’m giving to my business is not in vain and I’m where God wants me to be.
  • Other kisses from God were being able to finally meet Instagramers in person and get to visit with them.
  • Giving away many of my items in my closet was a topic that came up periodically and people told me how inspiring my giveaway was for them. Even those conversations were a kiss from God because they, too, affirmed me and let me know I had done the right thing.

Here's What’s New

We completely sold out of each of our new frocks over the weekend but not to worry because the Amish seamstresses were busy whirring away with their sewing machines and have replenished our inventory.

The new frocks we introduced are the following.

Rachel frock -  The Rachel Frock is very flattering for women with a more generous midsection. Whether you are strolling down a city block or looking for seashells at the beach, the Rachel Frock provides comfort for any occasion and is very light and cool. The adventurer in you will enjoy this take-anywhere, stretchy Frock, available in dusty blue and white. The touch of ruffle on the cold shoulder is sure to flatter anyones arms.

Dixie tunic -The Dixie Tunic has returned to the Farmhouse Frocks collection as we promised. This shark bite hem is very flattering for all sizes. This top is true to size. With a touch of ruffle here and there this piece is pulled together to give you a farmhouse style look. We just made a new addition to the Dixie Tunic, a soft eyelet fabric that is lightweight and perfect for the summer! It now comes in tie dye.

Katie frock - The Katie can be worn as a tunic or a dress with a shirt extender or as a top with our upcycled leggings. This top has two handy pockets in the flowy, ruffled skirt and features pinched half-sleeves as accents. It now comes in a gray knit jersey.

Here’s An Update

We have exciting new things going on in the near future. We have one model walking at a fashion show at the Football Hall of Fame where there will be 3,000 guests attending. We had a fitting for our model last week and are busy preparing each of the five outfits she will be wearing down the runway. This is kind of a big deal for Farmhouse Frocks and we don’t want to get it wrong.

And the book! I’m so excited about the book I’m putting together! We had a photo shoot the other evening for the book. I promise you one thing, you are going to get lots of pictures in my book. Pictures and memories and inspiration. I’m actually in Florida at the moment working on my book, so stay tuned for more news of that as the time gets closer to being published.


The weekend was a real high for me and my girls. We are so incredibly blessed and it makes me teary-eyed thinking about all the wonderful moments of the whole weekend. From how our staff worked together, to meeting so many new people, having delightful conversations, the online sales and having our products flying off the shelves and selling out of quite a number of our frocks. It is all a blessing and I feel undeserving of all the favor. It is weekends like this that makes my hard work seem like play and I know why I say I never go to work because I love what I’m doing too much for it to be work.

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  • I need a Katie frock!!!

    • ALice
  • I am so happy for,your success. Love reading your post….you are a breath of fresh air the clothing industry. Giving the local women the opertunity to make money from their home! Awsome!

    • Karen wIlson