Happy Thanksgiving - Reflections and Thoughts


Usually, when I write a post for my blog it is coming from the point of view of a business owner. Today's post is a bit more personal and reflective than what you might be used to. 

This time of year causes most of us to stop and think about what we are truly thankful for and I'm no different. I've compiled a list and they come in no particular order of importance.


When I look back over the past year and think of all the people I know who have come down with some kind of sickness or malady I can't help but feel grateful for my health. 

It's been especially difficult watch Allen and my parents suffering from various issues. 

My mom was struck with a stroke this year and her whole left side is paralyzed and anything she does is cumbersome for her. Things have changed up quite a bit for our family since mom's stroke. Helping out with mom has me grateful for my health so I have the stamina to help with the extra responsibilities. 

Allen's mom received good news just this week. She is cancer free after going through a series of chemo treatments. We are so thankful she is gaining her health back. 

Allen's dad is going through his own chemo treatments for cancer at the moments and we continue to pray he also gets the "cancer free" report one day soon. 


My husband. He is my backbone and the one who picks up after me when I fall short. He makes me look good and I appreciate his love and acceptance of all that I do and am.

My girls. The make my load lighter in everything we do as a company and a family. I would not have the successes in life as they stand today if not for my girls. I'm incredibly blessed they want to work side by side with me and know what responsibility looks like and I can depend on them.

My son. He is a senior and I'm proud of how he finds ways to pick up the slack and help where he is needed. I love his dedication to getting good grades and graduating well.


I’m thankful for our community we live in. When I travel and return home I'm always struck with what a beautiful part of the country we live. It is hard not to compare where I just was with where I live.

A few things stand out to me about our community.

We have great restaurants with great food.

Our merchants sell quality items at an affordable price.

When someone is in need the real sense of community comes out and family, friends, neighbors and even strangers come together to help each other out in times of need.


When I sit down and reflect on the favor and grace God continues to provide for me I am overcome with this feeling of intense love. I'm thankful for his protection and giving me wisdom, creativity and opportunities. It is not lost to me that everything I do would not happen if it were not for God's love and guidance. I'm completely humbled by his grace every day.

Our Bathroom and Laundry Room

We renovated our bathroom two years ago and I feel so luxurious getting to take a bubble bath every night. It is such a treat to soak away all the tension before settling in for the night. It was something I was wishing for, for so long and two years later I'm still as thankful for it as I was when we had it done. 

Along with the renovated bathroom we also made room near the bathroom for the washer and dryer. It is the handiest thing to have them near the bedrooms and bathroom. It has organized our lives so much.


Traveling brings me joy and since opening up Farmhouse Frocks I've been able to travel quite a bit. Our trip from Portland, Oregon to California was by far one of my favorite trips. If you missed it, you can read it here. I gather inspiration from my trips and I gain new friendships along the way. I could probably write a book about all the experiences I've had meeting new people, making friends with them and my travels. It is not lost to me that this is an amazing opportunity and I thank God for making this a part of my calling. 

Farmhouse Frocks

What a wealth of experience, bumps, bruises and successes this has been. I feel so grateful to have had this creative outlet be my purpose in the world. I'm forever grateful to all the loyal customers and followers of our store. Thank you seems like too cool of an expression of how I feel toward each of our supporters. But THANK YOU, each of you bless my socks off me every time I think of what I get to do each day. 


Thanksgiving Day

Our family is spending the day with some of our extended family. There is nothing better than spending Thanksgiving day around a table with "Amish style" food and enjoying each other's company.

I wish each of you peace, love and joy as you go through your Thanksgiving Day. 

Lena Schlabach


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  • Happy Thanksgiving to you Lena & to all of your family!

    • Sherri
  • Well written words from you heart and soul, Lena…You are so inspiring…I love the life you are living…Glad to have been one of those friends you found along the way…I think we connected on FB…and then, I thank you for that lovely fun beach shoot in Siesta Key! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and more blessings come your way in the new year.

    • Lynnette