Getting To Know Series - Marlene Schlabach

This is the fourth of a weekly series of blog posts we are doing to help our followers get to know the staff at Farmhouse Frocks better.

We are excited to introduce you to Marlene today and here she is to tell you a little bit about herself. Enjoy!


1. My job title at Farmhouse Frocks is Inventory Control/Cashier.
2. I was born on December 6, 1991.
3. One thing I learned from my grandmother is to make the best of your life no matter what comes my way. And I also learned by observing my grandmother to always be happy. 
4. My favorite childhood memory growing up is when our family would sit in the living room in the evening and we always had a bedtime snack. 
5. My dad had a woodworking business and he always had a cabinet out in his shop where he would keep candy and us children would love to sneak out and get a piece of candy when he wasn't looking.
6. Whenever anyone had a birthday in my family we would get to tell mom what we wanted for supper and my mom would make it for us. It was a way she made each one in her family feel special. 
7. Growing up my favorite book any books by Bill Pete. He had such an imagination.
8. I grew up in a family of eight children. I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers.
9. My favorite pet growing up was a little white dog named Benji. He only had three paws but he didn't know he was handicap at all. He was a great addition to our family and all of us spoiled him.
10. A song that speaks to my heart is Our God Is An Awesome God. 
11. Weed-eating or mowing the yard calms me down. 
12. People with no manners is a pet peeve of mine.
13. My favorite thing about Farmhouse Frocks is the fun we have at work. Makes the day fly by.
14. Hearing about other people's small everyday miracles are the most inspiring to me.
15. My favorite charity is CAM - Christian Aid Ministry - they help so many people worldwide.
16. An interesting tidbit about my husband, Kevin, is that he is extremely picky with his workshop he sweeps it almost every week.
17. My grandparents lived a good distance away when you travel with horse and buggy. It would take us an hour and half to get there and one of my favorite memories is we would pop popcorn for the whole family and eat it on the way to our grandparent's house while watching the world go by as the horse clip clopped along. Once the popcorn was all gone we would dig out our songbooks and would sing to help pass the time.
18. After church on Sunday it is important that my husband and I relax, have some alone time, and maybe take a nap if we are tired enough from our week. 
19. When I’m alone is the only time I sing out loud. I'm a terrible singer.
20. My favorite vacation was going to Outer Banks, NC.
21. A few items on my bucket list are the following:
  • Visit Ireland
  • Owning a beach front house
  • Having someone who does all of my kitchen work ;)
  • Serving at an orphanage
  • Putting a stop to corrupt foster care
22. If I could I'd win a million dollars and hire that person to do all my kitchen work. 
23. I need eight hours of sleep or I don't function well.  
24. Nothing keeps me up at night. As soon as I hit the bed I'm out.
25. I love to organize things. 
26. I like the way Fee put it - "Money is money." 
27. My favorite time of the day is the end of the day is when the work is done and I'm in my pajamas and can sit down and read a good book. 
28. My "to do list" is my biggest motivator, if it's written down it has to be crossed off today!
29. My favorite drink is water and and an occasional energy drink :)
30. My hobby is reading.
31. I lost My husband's credit card one time and it was not a good feeling. 
32. Favorite dish to cook is spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread - easy and delicious!
33. The dumbest thing I ever did was think I'm smarter than my parents :)
34. The smartest thing I ever did was marry Kevin and give my life to Jesus.
35. God is amazing.
36. I couldn’t do without my hubby.
37. Five favorite restaurants:
  • Olive Garden
  • Bags Pub in Millersburg
  • Stake N Shake
  • El San Jose
  • Butcher Town Hall 
38. If I was stranded on an island for the rest of my life the one food I would take with me would be Pringles.
39. My dream vacation is going to Ireland.
40. I wish I had more time for exercising. :) Odd how I never have time.
41. Favorite thing about working at Farmhouse Frocks are going to the Country Living Shows and meeting new people. 
42. My favorite Farmhouse Frock the Rosie Cardigan. It is so comfy.
43. The hardest thing I’ve ever done was seeing what my friend had to go through when she lost her mom.
44. I love sitting around a campfire with friends and enjoy each other's company as we watch the fire crackle. :)
45. I live by this Bible verse "For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand saying unto thee fear not I will help thee. Isaiah 41:13

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