Getting To Know Series - Installment 1 - Lena Schlabach

This is the first of a weekly series of blog posts we are doing to help our followers get to know the staff of Farmhouse Frocks better.

It is my (Lena) turn today and here are 50 (or 51 who's counting anyway) tidbits about me and thoughts I have that might interest you in reading. 


1. I left the Amish when I turned 18 years old. I knew early on that I would never make a good Amish person.
2. I have great memories spending time with both sets of grandparents. I have one grandmother left out of the four. 
3. My mom's mom was my favorite grandma. I have great memories laying on her bench that stood nearby her quilt frame and would watch her little hands stitch busily. I loved playing Scrabble with her and she always made us "Easter Tea" from sassafras leaves she harvested out of the woods behind her house.
4. My dad was always a hard worker and the memories I'm creating with him now are more precious than the ones we had from childhood.
5. My mom is spunky and a fun Amish lady. I remember when we were canning and tired of it she'd get up and do a crazy dance and make us laugh. I treasure this precious lady.
6. Reading books has never been something I've enjoyed doing but I've read The Purpose Driven Life by Rick warren seven times.
7. I started dating my husband when I was 16 years old and he was 20. 
8. I have two funny things that happened when Allen and I first started to date. I snuck out of my parent's window dressed in non Amish clothing and my foot got stuck and my new friend had to come rescue me getting my foot unstuck in the window. AND another time he took me bowling and this little Amish girl had never had slippery soled bowling shoes on before this bowling date. The first time I went to throw my bowling ball, not only was it a gutter ball, but I also ended up flat on my back wearing a mini skirt. Mortifying! Needless to say he still rescues me from all kinds of predicaments 28 years later.
9. My favorite color is white.
10. Growing up we had a pony named Buddy that I liked to ride around. 
11. While working I love to listen to Praise n Jesus music on Pandora all day long. I also enjoy anything out of the 80's. Depends on my mood. 
12. The things that calm me down after an exhausting day are music, hot tub, coffee, wine and prayer, not always in that order, but one or a combo of them do the job well. 
13. Only a few things get me bent out of shape. When people are late for appointments and people who are lazy and want handouts or are ungrateful for what they already have. Not my favorite things at all.
14. My favorite things to do are acupuncture and junking.
15. My latest inspiration has been Carol Hicks Bolton.
16. What excites me is starting something new. We just started a project with women from Haiti who will be crocheting our doilies and I'll share more on that soon.
17. Beyond working with Haitian women, I enjoy gifting things where there is a need. Recently we donated our baby Frocks to two different orphanages and this kind of thing is what I live for.
18. Thoughts about my eldest daughter, Fee. I loved my morning coffee time with her before she moved out but I'm so thankful I still get to spend every day with her at work. She's also the best picking partner and always has my back on stopping at an antique mall when we travel.
19. Thoughts about my youngest daughter, Syd. We spend a lot of time in the car together because she's my assistant. I treasure our trips to Cali together to pick out our fabrics. We both love getting Asian massages whenever we visit the west coast. Since she was born, wherever mom goes Syd goes. 
20. Thoughts on my only son, Quinton -  We have good talks in the car or hot tub. He also is happy to rescue his mama if there's a mouse in the house.
21. Sunday after church it is important that I intentionally inspire myself. Maybe one day I will compile a list here on my blog of my most inspirational authors, bloggers, junkers, instagrammers, etc. 
22. I love quietness.
23. Sarasota, Florida is my favorite vacation spot.
24. Here are a few items on my bucket list. 
  • Open a orphanage in honor of my daughter, Fee.
  • Be a motivational speaker. 
  • Have retreats where women will be changed for life.
  • Sell everything and travel for a year and start over with the things I collect from my travels.
  • Write my book and it be on the best seller. 
25. If I could, I would make the world go around, not by money, but by relationships and character.
26. I need six to seven hours sleep to function well in my day. 
27. There are a couple things that can keep me awake at night. When I make mistakes and my creative mind.
28. Unfortunately, money is needed but my happiness isn't based on my bank account.
29. My favorite part of the day is morning coffee. 
30. I love my job and I love dreaming about what else I could do. I have to schedule days off or I would be working all the time. 
31. Coffee is my favorite drink. 
32. I never watch movies. 
33. I also don't watch TV, but to bond with my son we watched Hunted together last month. 
34. I don't get attached to things. If I lose something I don't fret about it. 
35. Allen and I attended a Def Leppard concert last summer and it was fun pretending we were teenagers in the 80's.
36. The dumbest thing I ever did was pass my opinion when it wasn't necessary, which happens almost every day.
37. The smartest thing I ever did was to have more faith than fear.
38. God is dependable and never gives up on me even with all my shortcomings along the way.
39. I couldn’t do the Frocks without my girls. Each of them brings so much value to the company. I cherish their strengths, expertise and loyalty. 
40. My favorite restaurants include: 
  • Brazilian Steakhouse
  • J. Alexanders
  • Owens Fish Camp
  • Millies
  • Steak On A Stone
41. If I was stranded on an island for the rest of my life the one food I would bring with me is peanut butter for the high protein, but not that I like it so much.  
42. My dream vacation destination is Bora Bora.
43. I'd love a Thelma and Louise car, or at least drive around in one on vacation somewhere.
44. I want to teach women in foreign countries how to develop their own business. (Another item on my bucket list.)
45. Besides working alongside my girls my favorite thing about working at Farmhouse Frocks is getting to build relationships with our customers. 
46. One of my joys about owning a business is that we've been able to create a product that was truly needed. So many women are like me and having clothing that fit the plus size lady is just as important to them as it is for me. When I think how God orchestrated everything and we now have this business and have built so many amazing relationships brings me the truest of joy. 
47. My favorite Farmhouse Frock to wear the Bertha dress.
48. The hardest thing I’ve ever done is let Fee go to the mission field in Thailand. It was a growing time for me but now I see her heart for missions and it warms my heart and well worth my pain. 
49. Another not so fun "mom moment" was seeing my son's head being cut open when he had ear surgeries. Not fun. 
50. How I mostly like to connect with my family and friends is over a coffee break. If you haven't figured it by now, I enjoy a good cup of coffee. 
51. I try to live my life by Luke 6:31 - "Treat others as you would want to be treated."


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  • I always enjoy learning more about business owners as people. It’s fun to learn about what inspires someone who inspires me!

    • Stephanie
  • love you LENA

  • I like the “getting to know you” idea – it’s like reading a good book and wondering what the author is like?

    • KAthy
  • Awesome post Lena…Thanks for sharing :-)

    • Sherri Smail