Getting To Know Series - Freda Miller

This is the fifth of a weekly series of blog posts we are doing to help our followers get to know the staff at Farmhouse Frocks better.

We are excited to introduce you to Freda today and here she is to tell you a little bit about herself. Enjoy!

1. My job title is Production Manager. Beyond that I also make the Katie dress and my husband, Aden, and I also make the bags Farmhouse Frocks sells. 

2. I was born and raised right here in Holmes County.

3. My favorite memory growing up was playing with my friends and nieces and nephews. 

4. Growing up I helped my dad in the fields. Driving his team of Belgium horses and working in the field is a favorite memory. 

5. Favorite memories with my mom usually involve the kitchen, even when I was too young to be of help my mom let me "help" her bake pies and as I grew up she and I enjoyed working in the kitchen together. I learned so much from her and even today I enjoy very much working in the kitchen. 

6. Reading was a favorite past time as a child and the Laura Ingalls Wilder series topped my list of favorites. 

7. My family consists of my husband, Aden and our four children.

Jason and wife, Linda Sue - Amanda, Brady, Jacob, Savanna and Lydia are their children.

Luann and husband, Allen - Kristen, Benjamin, Thomas and Toby are their children.

Linda and husband, Firman - Haley and Jennie are their two daughters.

Brian and wife, Marnita - One child, Cassidy.

8. It wasn't funny at the time but when I was growing up we had a rooster on the farm who enjoyed chasing me and I was scared of him and I'm sure it would have made a funny video had someone been there to document our race around the barnyard!

9. My favorite colors are red and purple. 

10. My favorite pet growing up was a cat. 

11. One of my favorite songs that we sing is "What a Day That Will Be." 

12. I find activities calm me down, I like to read or play games with family when I get stressed out. 

13. My biggest frustration is when I'm trying to do something and I can't do it to my expectations. 

14. My favorite thing is to spend time with my family. 

15. A good sermon is great inspiration for me. Gets me going for the next week. 

16. Aden, my husband, is an avid fisherman. If he has a pole in the water he is a happy fellow. 

17. My favorite memories with my parents and siblings is Christmas time and all of us being together and having all that good food. 

18. After church on Sundays I like to relax to help me recuperate from the prior busy week and get ready for the upcoming week. 

19. My favorite vacation is when our family went to Hilton Head. I can't think of a better way to spend time with the whole family. 

20. An item on my bucket list is to go on a cruise but my husband doesn't like that idea. Maybe I will get him talked into it one day. 

21. If I could I would help all the poor people and find a cure for cancer. On a lighter note, If I could I would be a singer. 

22. I need eight hours of sleep to function well. 

23. Drinking coffee or Pepsi can keep me up at night. I usually sleep through anything unless I drink coffee or Pepsi. 

24. My love of sewing and working with people is why I do what I do today. 

25. Money is necessary.

26. The favorite part of my day is early morning. 

27. Nothing motivates me in the early morning hours like a stack of Katie dresses sitting on my sewing machine waiting to be sewn.

28. My favorite drink is diet Pepsi. 

29. I enjoy putting a jigsaw puzzle together. 

30. My favorite meal to cook is an Amish meal, chicken, mashed potatoes and dressing. 

31. The dumbest thing I ever did was ride a roller coaster, I was scared stiff. 

32. The smartest thing I ever did was marry my husband, Aden, and run my own business for eighteen years. I owned and operated a fabric store. 

33. God is my friend and I couldn't do anything without Him. 

34. Five favorite restaurants include: Texas Roadhouse, Outback Steakhouse, TGI Fridays, Der Dutchmans, and El San Hose.

35. If I was stranded on an island and could only have one food for the rest of my life I would choose bread for that food. 

36. My favorite thing about working at Farmhouse Frocks is working with Lena and the girls. 

37. The hardest thing I've ever done was to say goodbye to my sister, brother and two sister in laws. They all died way too young. 

38. My favorite Farmhouse Frock is the Katie dress. Of course! I sew it!

39. My friends are important to me and I enjoy playing games with them or just sitting down and visiting. 

40. I live by the Golden rule - "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." 

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  • Thank-you for letting us have a peek into your life. As a seamstress myself, it is interesting to see how similar, and how different we all are.

    • twotoast
  • Love hearing about all the wonderful amish sewing the beautiful clothing. I tell people my whole life I could live with the Amish and be happy ever after. God Bless you always.

    • CabinCreekFarm
  • Thank you for sharing, I am inspired.

    • Denise