Frock Family Cali Vacation


The girls and I love California, we travel there multiple times a year to take in the textile shows and it is where we order a lot of our beautiful fabrics from. We decided we wanted to do a family vacation to the west coast and show our guys the beautiful and laid back Cali. We planned our vacation around my husband’s birthday so we could also celebrate his 50th and it couldn’t have gone more perfect. 

We flew into San Francisco and the first thing on our list was to go to the Alameda Flea Market. The Alameda naval base hosts this flea market on the first Sunday of every month. It just so happened this was going on when we flew into San Fran and it has been on my bucket list to go there one day. It couldn’t have been more perfect. We all enjoyed it very much. We loved the funky way the people were dressed and just the Cali vibes we got from walking around the market. 

My treasures that I found were from one family estate. They were letters from family members living in Kansas City and California and written to each other in the 1940’s through the 1950's. I had so much fun reading them and since we are at home I’m passing them on to others to read them too. 



Quinton found a vintage Wrangler jacket and some Ray-Ban sunglasses. He was so happy with his finds. The others all found fun items to scoop up but mostly we all enjoyed browsing and soaking up that Cali atmosphere. 


After spending a couple hours at the flea market we went to Trader Joes and stocked up on groceries and then took Highway 101 to Highway 1 out of San Fran and drove three hours north to Fort Braggs. Our drive took us through the majestic Redwoods and it is always so nice to see those trees. 


We were so pleased when we got to our house to see it was exactly as it was advertised. I will link to the house here.  Rare Beach and Ocean Front Home  We highly recommend it. It turned out to be such a wonderful week of bonding. Slowly the layers of stress of everyday life melted away. Each morning would find me and my son in law, Adam, up at the crack of dawn, sitting there watching the ocean and drinking coffee. When the rest of the family slowly woke up and joined us I would make a nice breakfast for us to get our day started.



We took early morning and late afternoon walks to the beach. One highlight was watching the wildlife around the house, we saw jack rabbits and deer on our way to the house and then one day we found a seal hanging out on the beach. We found sea glass on our beach walks. Each little thing like that added to our whole experience and our family bonded through it all. It was such a neat experience. Fee and Adam got to take long walks alone. We had campfires at night and plenty of time to soak in the hot tub. We put puzzles together and the kids watched movies deep into the night. We all got to sleep in as much as we wanted to. In the afternoon we sat on the patio and watched the ocean. It was such a relaxing time for all of us. 


We were content to stay at the house and really didn’t feel like leaving our house much but we did venture out a few times, visiting Glass Beach and the towns of Fort Bragg and Mendocino. There were farmer’s markets in the towns and we liked to stop by and get fresh seafood and produce for our meals. Sydni took surfing lessons while we were there and she really enjoyed that. 

We enjoyed it so much at our house we didn’t even want to go out to eat. I did a lot of the cooking but there were times when others chipped in. Quinton and I made flank steak the first night we were there and one night we all helped make a Frog More supper. 

Sydni found a photographer to come take her senior pictures and then we also took some family pictures to commemorate our vacation. The pictures aren’t in yet, but I will share those later on. 

On our last day there we checked out of the house wishing we wouldn’t have to just yet and we headed back down Highway One to explore San Francisco a bit more before taking the Red Eye home. The views off of Highway One are so beautiful and we really enjoyed our drive. We saw the Golden Gate bridge and we drove down Lombard Street, which is that curvy street that is a tourist attraction. We ate in Sausalito. It was the perfect ending to a very relaxing vacation.

The temperatures were perfect every day and I will always treasure this vacation because of all the bonding and relaxing our family got to do with each other. It was much needed and feel so blessed to have had this time with my family. 

Here is where we Rock the Frock. Come see us. 

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  • So EXCITED for your family! I’m am headed to San Fran Oct 5th! Love your ideas!!!

    • Michelle Babbs
  • So happy you loved Cali! I was stationed in Alameda while in the U.S. Navy years ago. SF area has a lot to offer. On your next trip to California, a must is La Jolla and Bird Rock area north of San Diego! I just wish real estate was realistically affordable!
    Love your new items! So many compliments on my linen bibs purchased at Rhinebeck!

    • Sue Sabolsky