Felicia's Bridal Shower

June is just a bit of time away and the wedding festivities are in full gear. I couldn't be happier for our daughter Felicia, she's getting married to her soul mate in a couple weeks. We hosted a Bridal Shower for her here at the Studio on a Sunday afternoon. 
Fee's friend Alyssa gave her this beautiful peacock chair Fee has always dreamed of having one. The macrame hanger will also be used for the wedding party table backdrop. Sydni was excited to begin her duties of being a maid of honor with writing down the names of who gave each gift.
Our favorite part of hosting parties is the food displays. With the help of our friends, we assorted a display of all the goodies for the guests to enjoy.
We've been so busy with lots of things going on here at Farmhouse Frocks that we  really had to get ready and decorate last minute with using our work space for the party. But we've done many shows and had lots of experience in winging it, so the set up for the bridal Shower was a breeze.
So proud of my beautiful girls and the relationship that they have with each other. They truly have the best time together and it's fun being their mom.
Our friends and family really blessed Felicia with great gifts that left Felicia saying things like, "I can't wait to be a wifey!" My friend Cheryl's precious daughter, Gabby was more than eager to help Felicia unwrap the gifts.
These are Felicia's best friends and bridesmaids. What a beautiful line up!
I was happy my Mom and sister could attend.
I was so thankful for my friend Cheryl's help.
Friends and family enjoyed the refreshments and snacks as Felicia unwrapped all the gifts. Fee was very clear that she didn't want any cheesy bridal shower games so we came up with something much more powerful. We passed around cards for people to write words of wisdom on for Felicia and Adam to read. We also had an open prayer for anyone that wanted to pray over Felicia with her new adventure in life. It was very meaningful and Fee will forever cherish it.
I love how there is a gleam of light shining over us as we are praying.
This moment was a kiss from God.
I could not be more excited for Felicia and Adam to get married and for the wedding. There are lots of festivities leading up to the wedding and we are having fun prepping for all of them. 


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  • Sharon In Nashville

    Congratulations and many blessings to you and your new life with your new husband. You know you girls have a special place in my heart ( and closet).
    Best wishes,

  • Cheryl Friend

    Many blessings to you as you take this journey to begin a new life with Adam!

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