Farmhouse Frocks Shops at Roundtop

Soft Chantilly lace, fragile speckled-glass mirrors and spindles of soft spool,
these are a few of my favorite things. Our recent trip to the Roundtop, Texas antique
show brought these and many other jewels to me and my girls. This trip was focused on bonding and inspiration with the Schlabach girls. For us that means junking, good belly laughs, and making memories that last a lifetime.
We grabbed our phones and Frocks and had a blast as we made our way down south. Our team back home is one of the best, it’s something the Lord has blessed us with,
others who can help us carry the work. We’re always working together to make the
shop the best it can be, so we did not have any worries as we left on our trip.
My girls’ giggles and smiles gave me comfort and confidence to travel to this new
place, the best was yet to come.
Our first time to the big Texas sky greeted us with bright wildflowers
sprinkled with old animal horns, lots of ornate metal pieces, and natural wood
crates filled with goodies. This was junking PARADISE! I think our little hearts
stopped beating for a second while we took in the seven miles of
antiques that were waiting for us. As we were driving we gushed over the beautiful flower fields. On another note, there are ants in those flower fields and they bite. So, take note from Felicia and don’t roll around in them. It’ll come back to bite ya!
Along with the pure joy of having some quality time with my girls, others in
Texas got to experience my girls’ love of Christ in their hearts as well. We were out
to dinner one evening and came across a homeless man on a sidewalk bench. The
hustle of the road and downtown scene were swirling around him, he was a still
form in a world that was moving fast around him. My girls walked over and laid
hands on him, praying and encouraging his soul. It does a mothers heart so good to
see Christ’s love being lived out in your child’s life. Don’t ever underestimate the
influence that parents and their spiritual relationships have on their children, they
can make a difference in lives if you show them the power of the One who made them.
The first and second days were spent at Roudtop and Marburger farms, each
of these were filled to the brim with antiques and other goodies that only enhance
a shoppers experience and welcome everyone who walks through the doors. This
place was just massive! Spring had just sprung down there and the wonderful open
skies spoke to us as we filled our trunk with junk. We love bringing back fresh finds to our studio and making it an inspiring place to visit.
On the third day we got to visit the Junk Gypsy Store which was on Sydni's list of must-dos! This is the home of the rustic, hip, well-known junkers who bring feminine twists to all that they touch. Let’s just say that our girls felt right at home in their shop! Magnolia Market was our next stop and we were thrilled! While we didn’t see Chip climbing the silos or Joanna arranging flowers, this was a highlight for the girls and I. The
garden was absolutely gorgeous! The second part of the day we were ready to eat
Roundtop style at Rancho Pillow. The dinner took place at a seemingly mile long set table in a large field next to a monstrous barn. Here we dined with 75 other people we had never met. We loved the setting and meeting new people, it was a one of a kind experience.
One thing that I prayed intentionally about was having devine appointments. A divine appointment, what’s that you say? This is a moment or a meeting of people that truly makes your trip pleasing to Him, and in return He is given glory for that moment. This could be for business or life events, but I can honestly say that each and every time that He has shown up, proving His love and His purpose for my life. 
This divine appointment was one that is currently influencing our visual
merchandising and the way we present our business to our beautiful customers. A
lovely lady and her husband brought my heart to swell with their creative displays
and atmosphere that is in their store. If you have not heard of Carol Hicks Bolton
Antiquite and their shops owners, Tim and Carol Hicks Bolten, I strongly encourage
you to grab your phone and look them up! The girls and I
were wide-eyed as we slowly walked around. Every step we took and corner we
turned was filled with clean lines, rustic details and incredible displays. Vintage linen from mills in India were tucked in a corner and spoke to the girls and I right away. We are now using that fabric for our Market bag. We chose a mustard ticking and a blue ticking fabric. Be sure not to miss it before they sell out. We walked out so inspired and ready to create at our studio. When I create I come alive, and this was a truly reviving experience. Thank you, Lord for fulfilling the needs of our hearts.
Roundtop is definitely on our list of festivals to return to, but the big
takeaway from this trip was the time I spent with my girls and the divine
appointment that is pushing me to do beyond my best for you.

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  • Loved reading this story! Round Top is on my list to go to.

    • Lori FIsher-Martin
  • Thanks for sharing….Magnolia is on my list as well!!

    • MAdeline Watson