Country Living Fair Columbus 2019

Hi friends! It’s been quite the busy season at Farmhouse Frocks. Being in the midst of show season, maintaining our Studio inventory, making sure we order enough Frocks for each show and that our seamstresses have enough time to get it all done, and remembering to breathe at the same time has been a challenge. It’s a welcome and rewarding challenge, but I wouldn’t be telling the truth if I said there were no struggles along the way. We lean on faith to carry us through these times, especially shows since we’re traveling and investing our time and money in the outcome. This year, with rain from Hurricane Dorian threatening to wash us out, we eventually had to stop checking our weather apps and trust our faith that rain or shine, we won’t let it get us down.
Thankfully, the weather was anything but wet, and the heat didn’t keep people from attending. We pray for the Bahamas and other areas that were unfortunately affected during hurricane season. Our hearts break for the devastation left behind by Hurricane Dorian, but we trust that God will uplift humanity in these places and provide the care they seek.
One of the most positive things about the Country Living Fair was getting to meet so many of our customers and Instagram followers. You were all so sweet, and your kind words fill us up with grace and gratitude. We love connecting with so many of you! A highlight of Lena's was seeing her friends, Amie and Jolie from the Junk Gypsy's.
With temperatures in the 90's all weekend, we were elated to have such a great response to the new fall collection we brought with us. We sold out of the beanies and scarves, and we've already ordered a whole new bunch for the Studio this fall and they arrived today.
It was so hot that we did everything we could think of to cool our shoppers down. We had 5 fans running under our tent at all times and tried to create as much shade as possible. We also did something different and completely unplanned at the Country Living Fair this year. We decided to provide water and Coke for donation only and came up with the idea to give the money raised to a small business that is just starting out. Our Instagram followers will be able to nominate business owners they feel are deserving of this donation meant to support them and better their business. We will post about it later this week.
Overall, we had a great show! We stocked up on Rita Rompers, which were our hot seller again. We absolutely LOVE seeing the different shapes and styles that the Rita Romper lends itself to and the confidence it gives to the woman wearing it. Thank you to Stella Shows for bringing so many unique vendors together in one place. See you in Atlanta on October 25-27.




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