Country Living Fair - Columbus 2018

Here's our amazing team that were Frock Stars this show!!!
This year Country Living Fair in Columbus Ohio was filled with surprises and eventful things! We worked together as a team to pull through the surprising events. Due to the downpour rain, our booth flooded and we had to move all our things to a new area. All in all we had a fun time together and our booth setup was good after the flood. The miracle of the unexpected disaster was that we had zero product loss.
We had blistering heat all three days.
The great thing was people still bought our Frocks.
It takes so much faith going into these events. We start sewing two months in advance for these shows. Just when you think you have it figured out, that show throws you in question if you planned correctly with smalls and whats going to sell.
This year we added the new Wanderer Backpack just in time for the show. It was so hot people couldn't even fathom wearing a backpack in the heat. We're thankful they're since selling like hotcakes online and at our Studio.
This was a show that I was personally challenged with grief from the loss of a dear niece. It was unexpected and I had to pull up my big girl pants and be strong for my team. Looking back I marvel how God carried me through.
We met so many new Frock fans that weekend. Thats the part that was so rewarding.
It was for sure a highlight that we got to see Liz and Jose from Liz Marie Blog! She's the kindest!
We made this new door display that seemed to free up some space in our 20x20 tent.
We're planning on doing the fall show in Columbus too. We hope to see you then. Our next big event is our 3 year Aniversary Sale on July 28th at our Studio. Plan a trip to Amish Country to see us. 

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