Farmhouse Frocks 2020 Christmas Collection Launch

Hey friends! I'm glad you stopped by this blog post today because I have some exciting things to share with you. I'm pretty sure you can guess what this blog post is gonna be about based on the title and yes it's true...the Christmas Collection is now live online! This year I decided to launch it extra early so that you could get your hands on these amazing decor pieces and feel prepared for the Holidays before they start! Everyday in the last week Joe, Sydni, Felicia, and I have designed a Christmas setup to showcase the amazing new items in the Christmas Collection. Before we get onto this blog post, I want you to comment below where you're reading from, your favorite Christmas tradition, and how you found this blog post. Everything pictured in this blog post is available for purchase online. Alright now onto the blog post...
If you've been following @livinwithmb on Instagram for a while, you know that last year she decorated her adorable little apartment in all things blush for Christmas and we were incredibly inspired by that for this display. A really simple way to elevate a mantle is by getting an assortment of different sizes of bottle brush trees and giving them height with coverless books. Under the mantle we got a bunch of thrift store books, ripped the cover off and faced the pages side out for that stacked aesthetic look. I've been seeing this decor trend in magazines and design books and I was so excited with how easy it was to recreate.
In this next display we incorporated the coverless books again but we just gave them a tiered look with these potted glitter bottle brush trees and beautiful ornaments. Something else that you could do here to give a similar yet chic feel is to use vintage suitcases to give it that stacked look.
I'm not gonna lie, I am geeking out over this display simply because I just love these metal evergreen tree stands. Also, I'm just tempted to get those super soft stocking to wear myself around the house. Something that Joe incorporated into this display are the feather owls that I think give a soft Christmas touch to this mantle. He added in our felt pom pom garland too that pulls in texture and creates more of a contrast.
Decorating for Christmas doesn't mean you have to have extravagant displays all around your home. If you're someone who likes to keep things simple, maybe you just want to grab some ornaments or cute little things to add to your coffee table. These cute little animals and ornaments are just the things to bring a subtle Christmas charm into your home this Holiday season.
Sydni's home decor style in her apartment is minimal and simple so she brought that style into this display with the vintage book pages that are taped on with our washi tape and shaped into a Christmas tree. She also tied in these silver + gold metallic bottle brush trees and layered them with white ornaments to keep this display nice and bright. Also, if you're needing a super cozy smelling candle, I would highly suggest our buttered maple syrup candle that we have here on the bench. It smells like you just walked into grandmas house and she just made fresh pancakes, so yeah pretty comforting.
If you're wanting to see more from our Christmas displays check out our Instagram to watch the IGTV that we put together of the process. 


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