Celebrating Farmhouse Frock's Second Anniversary


How is it possible that two years have rolled around since we opened our studio here in Millersburg? As I sit here at my desk reflecting over the past two years and all we have experienced it nearly overwhelms me. The growth we’ve measured is quite humbling. So many of our sweet customers have been loyal and have afforded us the growth we have experienced during this time.

I’m not only celebrating the anniversary of the studio opening but personally I celebrate the fact that my two girls and I have been able to work closely with each other and accomplish as much as we have thus far. They are as much a backbone of Farmhouse Frocks as I am. It is my greatest pleasure to work with both my girls and know when I’m not around they can carry on.

Conversely, our customer base have been incredibly loyal and it's been amazing to get to know many of the ladies on a personal or even friendly basis on social media. I am forever grateful to each and every one of our customers. They have underlined how important our clothing line is to the plus sized woman and with each order I am affirmed that our clothing line is on the right track.

I thought it would be fun to release a few statistics about Farmhouse Frocks from the past year, just so our customers can see what they have been a part of.

  • Best seller: Shirt Extender - We sold 823 shirt extenders in the past year.
  • Top sellers in order.
    • Lizzie Tunic
    • Dixie Tunic
    • Rita Romper
    • Katie Dress
  • When we make a new pattern, Freda, our pattern maker, makes a frock for Lena and Syd. We represent the biggest and smallest sizes and we want to make sure they fit same on both of us.
  • Our website revenue comes from these sources in this order.
    • Direct
    • Google
    • Instagram
    • Facebook
  • We update our website every week just as we do our products in our studio.
  • There is a basic 7 step process to make a frock before it's ready for the customer.
    • Making the pattern.
    • Purchasing the perfect fabric for each pattern.
    • Hiring and training new seamstresses for new patterns.
    • Our seamstresses sew the frocks.
    • Picking up the frock from the seamstress and delivering it to our studio in Millersburg, Ohio.
    • Have professional images shot of each line of frocks.
    • Place the images online and on social media.
  • We currently have 6 billboards in our community and it has increased our studio sales by 75% by bringing foot traffic to our door.
  • We've sold over 100 branded bracelets in the past year. People love supporting other women. www.brandedcollective.com
  • Our most popular sizes are L and XL.
  • We go through approximately 75,000 yards of fabric a year.
  • We hire seamstresses according to where they are located and how many pieces they are able to sew in a week’s time.
  • We place our weekly refill orders on Monday and have someone pick orders up on Friday morning.
  • We are able to ship out the same day you order about 90% of the time.
  • I, Lena, still personally look at every single email, transaction, deposit, correspondence, and return.
  • I, Lena, post and manage all of our social media accounts. I schedule the posts and any correspondence that goes with it. I see every like, comment and direct message.
  • Our core team is my two daughters, Felicia, Sydni and me. We are growing our in house staff though to free us up to work key areas in the company better.
  • We ship our frocks all over but a few states stand out as our top shipped to. Here is there order.
    • Ohio
    • Tennessee
    • Pennsylvania
    • California
    • Georgia
    • Texas
    • Florida



You are invited!

We are celebrating our second anniversary and we want you to be here with us at our Millersburg, Ohio studio to help us celebrate. The big day is this Saturday, July 1, 2017 and we want you to come! Our studio will be open from 10-5 and we have some fun things planned for our customers.

  • Food and beverages for everyone.
  • Free gifts.
  • Sales.
  • New releases! We are releasing new frocks both online and in our studio and you will not want to miss it!

In closing I want to reiterate how much I appreciate each and every customer who has supported what we are providing here at Farmhouse Frocks. Without our customers we would have nothing. Thank you!

I couldn’t close this post without thanking my girls. They have supported me and helped me realize my dream of providing a clothing line for plus-sized ladies which is beautiful, trendy and covers up. Their daily input and leadership on many levels is what makes our company so successful. Felicia and Sydni, you both make me look better than I deserve and I’m so proud of all your accomplishments. I love you.

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  • I just read about you in Where Women Create Business, and I had to look you up! You’ve got great style! I love your story, your creativity and your attitude. Keep growing! You are an inspiration!

    • Tamara