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Meeting Notes

You may add public speaking to my resume if you like. It’s something I’ve been feeling led to do for awhile now. My most recent speaking engagement was for a small group of local business women. They had a pretty neat little event, so much so I asked if they minded if I shared a bit about my day on my blog. They consented and even provided the pictures I’m sharing with you.

These ladies are all entrepreneurs. Their businesses are diverse and as interesting as each individual lady. Some are raising cattle and live off the land, others have Etsy stores they fill with handmade chew toys for babies or baby blankets. Some of them are photographers and another owns a magazine company. Their goal is the same, to help each other network and grow.

The venue was exquisite and the perfect place for such a gathering. When I arrived the first thing I noticed was their beautiful tablescapes covering the table. (You will be able to see what I’m talking about in the pictures as you scroll down the page.)

We settled down to getting started with their itinerary. They had asked me to provide 15 minute coaching to 4 individuals and since this is part of what I do it was a real blessing to sit down with a few of the ladies and dig deeper into their individual businesses. It inspires me to know other ladies are diligently pressing forward with what lies deep within them.

When it was my turn to give my speech I went up to the teacher’s desk and presented to them a bit of my story and I thought I would add some of my speaker notes with you. I have noticed that my posts on business get a lot of activity so I know there is interest in the subject.

I will always give Christ the glory for where my business has been and where it is going. If it were not for Him I would not have the successful business I have today. One of the biggest challenges to overcome is building bigger character in oneself. It is my experience that when I am growing in character, my business is also growing. Part of that process has been to let go of what others are thinking about me and find my approval in Christ alone. Once I got to that point of not caring what others thought about me something sparked inside of me and I started to flourish.

Meeting Notes

Creating a brand.

  • Have a logo you are proud of. If you don’t have much money to spend your start up, then spend it on your logo.
  • Know who your customers are. Age - Gender - Demographic
  • Stay true to your brand and who you are.
Being intentional on your surroundings/business and personal life.
  • Depending on your situation; get a coach,  mentor or counseling.
  • Surround yourself with emotionally healthy people.
  • Have friends that talk about dreams and goals, not people.
  • Set healthy boundaries.

You have to make money.

  • Finding financial freedom for your business is important. If you aren’t making money your business is not on a healthy path.
  • Have systems in place to know your data.
  • Research your resources.
  • Know your margins.
  • Network with others.
  • Don’t be married to ideas that don’t work.
  • Set goals.
  • Celebrate your achievements.
  • Reflect on how you grew.
  • Be humble and grateful.

More Faith Than Fear

I base every decision I do for my business on this slogan. I always ask myself, “am I doing this out of faith or am I doing it out of fear. Having something to come back to and get grounded is important. It helps one not to get distracted and off track.

Overcoming Trials

  • Truly believing in God and what his promises are.
  • Reflect on how the Lord has provided for you personally and your business. Reflecting is often an encouraging step many miss because they get too caught up in the stresses of the day and don’t take the time to be encouraged and filled up with God’s goodness.
  • What the enemy intended for us to fail, Jesus intended us to prosper. Never pray - speaking doubt into your prayer but rather pray in faith and trust.
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  • Be intentional on what inspires you.
  • Have joy in your sorrow/difficult thing you are experiencing. Have people praying for you to help you get out of the valley.

Goal Setting

Goals are important for business and personal life.

  • Dream it
  • Speak it
  • Plan it
  • Do it
  • Say it out loud three times.

Live Pinterest Board

To top off our time together we sat down and dined on all the delectable eats provided by various businesses. I felt like I was sitting on a Pinterest board. The whole set up, the food, the atmosphere and the beautiful women all around me it was so inspiring to be there.

Event Hosted & Stylized

Abiart Creative Company  http://www.abiartcreative.com @abiartcreative

Kendra Dawn Photography http://www.kendradawnphoto.com  @itskendradawn

Keynote Speaker

Farmhouse Frocks https://www.farmhousefrocks.com @farmhousefrocks


Rebecca's Bistro http://rebeccasbistro.com @rebeccasbistro

Brunch by

Jani Hershberger photography http://www.janihershberger.com @janihershbergerphotogarphy

Jessica Sparling @jmercyv

Floral Arrangements

Root Design Company https://www.facebook.com/Root-Design-Co rootdesigncompany


The Red Mug Coffee Company   https://www.facebook.com/theredmugcoffeeco @theredmugcoffeeco

Event Photographer

Grace Troyer Photography  @graceafull

Pastries provided by

Der Bake Oven http://www.derbakeoven.com @derbakeovencafe

Product Props

Foxy Chews https://www.facebook.com/Foxy-Chews @foxychews

Sheri Kate Designs  https://www.facebook.com/SheriKateDesigns  @sherikatedesigns

Group Discussion Leaders

Jolene Miller + Erin Beachy http://creativewhs.com


Winesburg Historical Society  https://www.facebook.com/WinesburgHistoricalSociety

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  • For so many reasons I was led to see and read and I am so grateful for all I have read.
    I love Farmhouse Frocks, it is a joy to see come up.
    Speaker notes a blessing to read!
    Note to self “reread”
    What an amazing and beautiful circle of women.

    • Anita HIll