A Year In Review: 2015 Farmhouse Frocks

Writing this blog has been therapy seeing how far Farmhouse Frocks has come in the 2015 year. 


We opened our small studio in the basement of our home. 


We had big snows in Amish Country, Ohio. Our winter gave us time to dream big. 


We started thinking about our upcoming spring shows and we purchased our succulents for our chicken feeder displays. 

We really started focusing on setting big dreams and networking with other social media gurus. I remember getting a big shout out from Dear Lillie on our Lena's Amish Granola Gogo Bars. We also still run Lena's Amish Granola, our sister company. 

We started prepping for the Nashville Country Living Fair. As you can see, we were busting at the seams in our little studio.

We released our new clothing labels to remind women how valued they are. 

We had our spring photoshoot to get ready for our Country Living Fair in Nashville, TN. We also had fun with our pet chicken.


One of the highlights of our Nashville CLF was being set up right beside Antique Archaeology with Mike Wolfe. This was our first time in Nashville and the southern women went crazy over our frocks.

Lena had her first canning demo at the CLF. 


The Strawberry Patch Spring Market followed our CLF in Hartsville, TN. Besides the heat of the summer sun, we had many repeat ladies come shop for the frock. We had a great team working with us. Christi, the owner of The Strawberry Patch never fails to be a great show hostess.

At the end of May, we finally got our kiss from God. We signed papers with Alyssa from Lyssa Ann Portraits for a combined studio in downtown Millersburg.


Renovations of our new studio space took place. We had 28 gallons of paint and many hours spent cleaning. Exactly 30 days later from receiving the keys, we had our grand opening.


The 2nd of July, we had our huge grand opening. What a blessed turnout we had. 

Our first workshop of Studio 65, took place. Studio 65 is a place where we have meetings and workshops to empower people.


We kicked off the August month with Antiques in the Alley in downtown Millersburg. All the shops in downtown with the addition of others, line the sidewalks with antiques and goods.

Ruthie Collins, country music star from Nashville makes her first appearance at the studio. She was welcomed with Amish food, a photoshoot and much love. 

Our 5 sisters joined us this month also. They were one of the many kisses from God. 

Rock the Frock Runway Show took place on August 17th. This was our first annual runway show in the back allies of Millersburg. Many women came out to support local and to view our frock styles.

Finally to wrap up the August month, we had our photoshoot in the apple orchard to promote our Columbus Country Living Fair. Jessica (from jessica N designs), LeeAnn and Fee modeled with our chicken. 


September rolled around and we headed an hour south for the Columbus CLF. I felt we targeted a new area and set of women in Ohio that now drive up from Columbus to see us in the studio. Lena also preformed another canning demo while there. Visit #lenascanning on Instagram to see more BTS shots and Lena's recipes. 



A Day In The Country with Besserina happened. We met many new faces and Lena taught another canning demo on banana pepper. Find her super easy canned banana peppers on Instagram.

Our fall photoshoot to release our new Millie Tunics also took place in October. We shot at an abandoned church and even had the luck of having some buggies go by. 

At the end of the month, we packed all our frocks up once again and headed south to Atlanta, Georgia for the Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain. We sat our booth up in the woods and had many women stop by.


After getting back from the south we focused on the end of the year. We started to decorate our studio for our Christmas Open House. One of our big hits from our Christmas decor, was our Farmhouse Frocks Dr. Suess trees.

Ruthie Collins flew in to see us once again for our Christmas photoshoot. After this photoshoot we released our exclusive Stella Vests, our famous "More Faith Than Fear" graphic tees and our deer Annie Fleece sweaters. Check out our last blog on the photoshoot here.

Our biggest kiss from God this year was releasing our big shopping website. We've been so blessed beyond any of our expectations with this new endeavor. We feel so grateful for Lyssa Ann Portrait's team with designing and maintaining our online presence. 


We have been busy fulfilling orders with the holiday shopping and online store. 

As the year comes to an end, we've been thinking ahead to the upcoming year. We've been planning and designing our spring/summer 2016 line and having weekly meetings on how we can grow.

Here's a little sneak peek from our photoshoot this morning that will reveal our BIG secret being announced on New Year's Day.  

Here are some things we learned this year:

1. Set your goals higher than you think you will go. 

2. Do one thing towards your goal everyday. 

3. Ask God and He will deliver. 

4. If you know who you are as a person, you're able to take constructive criticism. 

5. How great it is to have a young team.

6. We've learned how to say 'no' when needed.

7. Hard work and dedication pays off.

8. How to work as a team.

9. You can't be good at everything.

10. Love always wins.

Happy New Years and many blessings to you, 

Farmhouse Frocks Team



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