Amish Series - Part 3

Amish Series - Part 1

Amish Series - Part 2


Preserving Food

One of my favorite things about growing up Amish is that I learned how to preserve food and it has been a way I can hand the culture I grew up in down to my children.  

The gardens here in Amish Country are often a work of art. I know one Amish lady whose family doesn't like vegetables and she doesn't...

Amish Series - Part 2


As promised, we are continuing with our Amish series. This week we are answering our reader’s questions. If you have not read Part 1 you can read it here. Amish series - Part 1

Q. I didn't think they (the Amish) were allowed to be photographed. Is this false? 

A. An often asked question. Some sects of Amish allow posing for photographs and others do not. Some of them own their own cameras and others have smart phones and take...

Amish Series - Part 1

Defining The Amish

From time to time people ask the same questions about the Amish. Other people make assumptions and believe everything they read. One has to know the different sects of Amish first to begin to understand the culture. One can almost never make a blanket statement about the Amish because rarely does the same thing apply to all sects.

New Order Fellowship - This group is next to very conservative Mennonites. They allow electricity, telephones and driving tractors for transportation. Their dress remains the same as the New Order Amish.

New Order Amish -...

A Speaking Engagement

Meeting Notes

You may add public speaking to my resume if you like. It’s something I’ve been feeling led to do for awhile now. My most recent speaking engagement was for a small group of local business women. They had a pretty neat little event, so much so I asked if they minded if I shared a bit about my day on my blog. They consented and even provided the pictures I’m sharing with you.

These ladies are all entrepreneurs. Their businesses are diverse and as...

Break Time



Every now and then a busy person needs to give themselves a break and take time to smell the roses. Last week was my time to do that.

I have been busy working on my book and needed space to think, regroup and consult with others on things regarding the book. I also needed to set goals for the next year. I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot of my goals that I had when I...